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Technorati"Technorati brings you what's happening on the web right now"

What is technorati?

The website is a search engine specially tailored to weblog content. It makes that possible Search for keywords or after Urls in "real time". The search engine receives the relevant information primarily from the RSS feeds of the registered blogs, but the engine can also cope with blogs that do not use RSS. At Technorati, based on the WWW, people talk about searching the World Live Web - within a few minutes.

"Technorati is a real-time search engine that keeps track of what is going on in the blogosphere - the world of weblogs."

Technorati in Web 2.0

Based on the Web 2.0 so it can be said that Technorati is a tool to Weblogs all over the world with each other connect to or to find weblogs in which perhaps the same or similar topics are written as in your own weblog. Discussions can be easily traced, because Technorati can display all pages that link to a specific address.

With the free membership you can also display changes to your favorite weblogs in so-called "watchlists" and thus stay up to date. Technorati naturally makes it easier for the user to find the latest information about Bush. It also helps to enrich the weblog with "cool Technorati tools".

What can Technorati do?

Technorati, so to speak, brings order to the Internet, which is flooded with links and websites, and helps the user to keep track of all the information. The user is kept up to date by displaying new updates from weblogs directly. In this way, he can react directly to newly emerging topics, discuss with others and perhaps himself (not only in his own weblog) make his contribution on a certain topic. The following sentence is representative of the entire Technorati structure - based on our introductory seminar network medium Internet and the topic of Web 2.0:

Technorati provides a live view of the global conversation of the web.

The Technorati Search

With the search mask on the main page you can search for the "22.4 million blogs and 1.8 billion links" recorded by Technorati. The most discussed topics in weblogs as well as the most wanted weblogs of the hour are listed there. The user also reserves the right to include his weblog in the list of search results. The more pages link to a blog, the higher its "ranking" - it moves up in the hit list and more users become aware of the blog.


This naturally raises the question of whether Technorati actually strives for over 20 million blogs and whether all parts of the "global conversation" are actually recorded. There are probably cases in which Technorati fails in the search, and there are also blogs - similar to Google - that cheat their way up the Technorati list by repeating the keywords currently in demand as often as possible.

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