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Issuance of passports (for applicants over 18 years of age)

The validity of the German passport is 6 years for applicants under the age of 24, otherwise 10 years.

Applications for passports can only be personally by appointment and during visitor hours at the embassy or consulate general. An application by post is no longer possible since November 1st, 2007. Your fingerprints will be recorded when you apply. Please note that for reasons of data protection, your fingerprints are only temporarily stored at the diplomatic mission abroad and then deleted again immediately.

The passports are printed at the Bundesdruckerei in Berlin. Please allow for a processing time of around 4 to 6 weeks. Should the Submission of a legal name declaration required (see information below), the processing times can be considerably longer.

Required Documents

The following documents are required for the application in Original and copy required:

  • fully completed application form
    Application for issuing a passport PDF / 529 KB
  • two of the same, newer passport photos suitable for biometrics (please do not cut the passport photos yourself!)
    Sample examples for suitable biometric passport photos PDF / 2 MB // passport photo template
  • Your birth certificate stating the exact place of birth (for US birth certificates, the "county" is not sufficient)
  • For married, divorced or widowed persons: marriage certificate and, if applicable, divorce decree or death certificate of the spouse
  • previous passport (data page with picture)
  • Valid residence permit in the USA (US Resident Alien Card, US Residence Visa, US Passport, US Certificate of Birth Abroad or US Citizenship Certificate) Information for holders of green cards without an expiry date
  • Proof of the current name (German birth certificate, German marriage certificate or certificate of name use issued by a German registry office)
  • If you do not have any of these documents, a name declaration may be required: Information on name declaration
  • if applicable, certificate of naming
  • if applicable, German naturalization certificate
  • if applicable, retention permit and US naturalization certificate
  • Your US driver's license or a utility bill as proof of address
  • If applicable, confirmation of deregistration from your inner German place of residence, if such is entered in your passport as your place of residence
  • if you want to enter your doctoral degree in the passport: registration certificate, previous passport or identity card with entry of the doctoral degree. For initial registration: doctoral certificate (this must contain at least your first and last name and your date of birth)
  • Passport fee

We would like to point out that your application cannot be processed if the above documents are incomplete. You must therefore assume that if the issue is incomplete, you will need to meet again with an appointment.

Even if you received your last passport from another diplomatic mission in the USA we ask you to bring the documents mentioned above with you again (except for the de-registration certificate). So please bring birth certificates, name certificates and marriage certificates with you. Your application cannot be processed without these documents!

This information relates to the majority of the individual cases occurring here. However, due to the complexity of German passport and identity card law and the variety of possible issues, deviations are possible in each individual case and further documents to be provided can be requested if required.


A current list of fees can be found here: fees

Name declaration

If your name has changed since you last applied for a passport, the Submission of a legal name declaration may be necessary before a passport can be issued to you. You may need an appointment for this name declaration. Even if your current passport contains the name, additional proof of the name may be required.

You can find more information on naming rights here: Naming rights

Appointments to apply for a passport

Passport applications can only be submitted by prior appointment. You don't know which of our nine agencies is responsible for you? Please consult our consulate finder in advance