How are internships at CSA in the IISC

What is the median wage for M.Tech students at IISc?

Depends on the course and the department ... Remember, only core companies visit the IISc campus. The IITs have numerous service, banking and consulting firms. IISc has a really good ranking for computer science and distance learning courses. Most IISc students. Those who joined the companies they got on campus usually quit their jobs, including mine, within two to three years. Many have PhDs, some come to the IES and prepare for civilians (mostly non-CSA students). The IISc is a research-oriented and highly mathematical institute. It has one of the vibrant research cultures in India, very good hostel facilities, Bangalore is the best city to live in. Many students are housed off campus. If you just want to focus on work, I recommend IIT-B. If you really want to understand the subject, we welcome you to IISc

M.Tech / ME CSA - Average salary 17 LPA (most of them are placed, it is also good for M.Tech Research students)

M.Tech/ME SSA - Average salary 12-14 LPA (better ranking)

M.Tech ED & T (DESE), ME / Mtech MicroElectronics - Average salary 11-13 LPA (most of them are placed)

M.Tech Telecom (ECE) & SP (ECE-EE) - 9-15 LPA (better placement than M.Tech EE)

M.Tech SERC - Average salary 10–16 LPA (depending on your background, placement is good)

M.Tech EE - Average Salary 8LPA (60% placement, power electronics students will be easy to get, power system and high voltage students won't have it easy)

M.Tech/ME Mech - Average salary 7-8LPA (same EE, good opportunity off campus)

M.Tech/ME Civil (three courses) - 5–7 LPA (mostly off campus, some are placed on campus)

M.Tech/ME Chemical - 6–8 LPA (some placed on campus, others off campus)

M.Tech/ME Aero - 7–8 LPA (four to five companies visit the campus)

M.Tech CAOS - I am confused myself, but have better research opportunities for CAOS students

It changes from year to year, now IISc is improving the infrastructure of its recruitment offices (it used to be very lousy), and now IISc has students from Science UG. So things can turn out for the better in the future. cannot within two years.

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