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Skin bleaching in Germany Is light skin really more beautiful skin?


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In school you are teased or verbally abused. And only those with the lightest skin possible are considered beautiful. This is why many black people use whitening creams. The problem lies elsewhere.

By: Malcolm Ohanwe

Status: 08/25/2016 | archive

Beyoncé, Rihanna or Halle Berry - for many they are a symbol of black beauty. The problem with this is that people with darker skin often do not find themselves in this ideal of beauty. At the same time, they feel the pressure to comply with him. Skin bleaching products promise to come closer to the ideal with chemical agents. Those who whiten their skin usually don't want to be white, but want to become a "more beautiful black man". What in principle the code is for less African and more European.

Black is often not black

Many black US stars look much more European than darker blacks from African countries. In Germany, according to the one-drop principle, they are simply perceived as "black" - no matter how light or dark their skin is.

Within the black community, on the other hand, people seem to be far more aware of the difference. The pressure to live up to the lighter, actually half-black ideal of beauty is the reason for many dark-skinned people in Germany to bleach their skin.

"Light skin is constantly praised. Black people like to laugh at the darker ones. And those who are a little lighter, who look like mixed-race children, are really hyped and are considered an ideal of beauty. And since I did not conform to that - many called my skin tone a 'slave tan' - and I wanted to look like that too, so I started bleaching my skin. "

Hawa from Augsburg

Whitening is not a cosmetic, but a medical matter

Whitening creams often have strange names like CaroLight, Fair & Lovely, Whitenicious or Demovit. You can buy them in every cosmetics shop for dark-skinned people, so-called Afro shops. The agents make the skin lighter by removing the melanin from the skin - the pigments that are responsible for dark skin color. Products with these active ingredients are absolute top sellers. The creams are not harmless.

The distorted definition of black beauty is one thing. At least as worrying is the fact that whitening creams are in stores next to harmless cosmetics such as body lotion or lipsticks. Skin lightening is a medical matter that should only take place with medical advice, if at all, and then only selectively, because

"A lighter complexion, i.e. a change in skin type, is flat, sensible and medically harmless and cannot be achieved and is considered dubious in Germany."

Dr. Dirk Trögele, dermatologist

That means: If you want to match particularly dark elbows, knees or other small areas in color to the rest of the body, you should first seek medical advice - because the creams from the shops can in many cases lead to eczema, skin irritation and crust formation or even trigger allergies . But you should say goodbye to the idea of ​​completely changing your skin type.

"I actually love my brown skin"

Hawa stopped doing it a long time ago - that was the only reason why she was willing to comment on this taboo subject. It was similar to Paula from Munich. She had tried to get lighter for a few months. Then she no longer felt like subordinating herself to the Eurocentric image of society.

"At some point I thought to myself, I don't have to change for other people. If they don't take me for who I am, it's their problem and not mine. And actually I love my brown skin."

Paula from Munich