What happened to the band Zeest

Application under the Consumer Information Act Dear applicant, I request the following information to be published:

1. When did the last two company inspections under food law take place in the following company: zest Bornaische Straße 54 04277 Leipzig 2. Did you have any complaints? If so, I hereby request that the corresponding inspection report be handed over to me.

I base my request for information access on § 1 of the law for the improvement of health-related consumer information (Consumer Information Act - VIG). The information I am looking for is in accordance with Section 2 (1) VIG. From our perspective, there are no grounds for exclusion or limitation. If there are any obstacles to the right to information, I ask you to inform me immediately with legal reasons. I ask you to black out personal data of government or operational staff (such as names and signatures) in the documents before submitting them. By "complaints" I mean inadmissible deviations from the requirements of the Food and Feed Code (LFBG) or other applicable hygiene regulations. Should there be one or more such complaints, I request the release of the corresponding, complete inspection report - regardless of how your authority classified the complaints (e.g. as "minor" or "serious"). In my opinion, according to Section 7 (1) VIG, this is also a free information. If, in your opinion, the provision of information is subject to a fee, I ask you to inform me in advance and state the amount of the costs. With reference to Section 4 (2) VIG, I ask you to make the requested information available to me immediately, at the latest after one month. I ask for an answer in electronic form (e-mail). If you are not responsible, please forward my request to the responsible authority. I would like to point out that my personal data may only be passed on to third parties within the meaning of Section 5 (2) sentence 4 VIG if the third party expressly requests disclosure. In this case I agree to the data transfer and ask for further processing of the application. I ask for a confirmation of receipt and thank you for your trouble! Sincerely, Applicant Applicant <> Postal address Applicant Applicant << Address removed >>

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