What's so great about Faith


5.0 out of 5 starsFaith, Hope, Love the somewhat different novel ...

Reviewed in Germany on February 3, 2016

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About the cover: In the typical Casey Stone style with the flag of the USA and a very attractive woman. The title and author are easy to read.

About the content: Pam is successful and leads a comfortable life. When it comes to love, however, things are different. After a night of love with her boyfriend and best friend, she realizes what she's really feeling. Haley works as Pam's personal assistant and has long had feelings for her. The chaos takes its course on a notorious Monday. Pam stumbles from one faux pas to the next and Haley stands by her side. But then something happens that calls everything into question '

On the writing style: I like Casey's relaxed and fluid writing style.

About the story: Pam is a successful owner of a PR agency. After a hot night together with her (ex) boyfriend Brain and her best friend, she notices that she is more attracted to women than men. That night she realized that she had found what she had been looking for for so long. But her best friend doesn't want a repeat of this night, does she? And if so, does Brain have to be there again?
After the Monday after the hot night starts as complete chaos, Haley, Pam's assistant, stands by her boss and helps her out of one or the other predicament. Pam suddenly sees her personal assistant Haley differently. And Haley is not averse to her boss either. There is a first kiss and a very hot scene in the shower. And then Pam also realizes that she really wants Haley. Because the dominant style of Haley attracts her more than. But read for yourself whether the two of them find each other, it was just a hot night between the boss and the employee or whether there are other obstacles in their way ...

My conclusion: Mentioned the first way: That was my first lesbian romance, because I have ever read. And I have to say, Holla the forest fairy. Casey got my head movie going so much that I got hot. I won't switch to the other bank as a result, but I will definitely read his next lesbian romance.

Casey, thanks for the great reading hours.