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Sauces with the steamer

Sauces for roasts and the like acquire a more intense taste in the steamer. (Photo by: © chetianu /

Prepare the sauce with the steamer

When preparing food in the steamer, the Sauces can be prepared directly. This saves a complete work step and at the same time no additional pots have to be used.

One possibility to prepare the sauces with the steamer is to mix the ingredients for the sauce with the remaining steam liquid from the steamer.

If possible, the liquid is removed from the steamer so that the sauce can be mixed separately in a bowl. Then this is put back directly on the food.

Sauces can be refined in a wide variety of ways and the use of steam gives the sauces a particularly aromatic taste.

Thicken the sauce directly in the steamer

  • To do this, when you insert the Foodsuch as fish or meat, just a few flour dumplings stirred into the liquid.
  • To make the flour dumplings, margarine and flour are mixed in equal parts and made into small balls.
  • These small flour balls are then stirred into the liquid for the steam cooking process right at the beginning of the cooking time.
  • After the cooking time, the food is removed and the sauce only needs to be seasoned or seasoned and stirred.
  • Then the dish can be served with the tasty sauce.

Tip: However, this type of preparation is only suitable for sauces that do not have to be constantly stirred during the cooking time. This is why you cannot make bechamel sauce in the steamer, for example.

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