What is the best dance training

Standard dance, ballet, freestyle or hip-hop? Who inspires with their dance in the new ProSieben show “Masters of Dance”? Who will be the best dancer in Germany?

In direct comparison, the dancers introduce themselves to the four dance masters in auditions at "Masters of Dance": Choreographer and dancer Nikeata Thompson (38, Berlin), Flying Steps legend Vartan Bassil (42, Berlin), world champion maker and dance trainer Dirk Heidemann (57, Berlin) and YouTube star and dance school owner Julien Bam (30, Aachen) are looking for the best dance act in Germany. After each duel, the masters decide who to invite to their team or who to send home.

What are the four dance masters interested in among the dancers? World champion dance trainer Dirk Heidemann explains: “Dance is hard work: 20 percent is talent, the rest is discipline.” Julien Bam on his selection criteria: “It's that certain something and the special mix of attitude, feeling, posture and individuality that makes a dancer unique. We'll see at the show that dance is much more than that. Dancing can help in every situation in life and helps to process emotions, fun, sadness, grief and joie de vivre. "Flying Steps boss Vartan Bassil about the show:" For me, the special thing about 'Masters of Dance' is that you are Juror not only passively assesses, but that you actively participate and choose your team, with which you then compete against the other Masters. "Nikeata Thompson:" All Masters have their strengths and are correspondingly big competitors. Vartan has already had many shows with the Flying Steps designed, Julien inspires his YouTube followers with new videos every week, and Dirk has decades of experience. We will all do our best and try to get our company to the final. "

In the first episode, the dancers compete in dance battles:

Fource (Berlin) vs. True Knights (Freiburg)

Damian (26, Düsseldorf) vs. Maria (23, Düsseldorf)

Albena & Vincent (Düsseldorf) vs. Khea & Fabio (Stuttgart)

Justyna & Justine (Munich) vs. Nick & Fiona (Hamburg)

Anthony David (26, Berlin) vs. Julia Sophie (23, Hamburg)

Star Wars crew (Offenburg near Strasbourg) vs. 1st cut (Friedberg near Augsburg)

Anna & Arthur (Bochum) vs. Rieke & Steven (Hanover)

Tim (25, Cologne) vs. Felix (27, Munich)

D-Squared (Limburg near Koblenz) vs. Sabrina & Nigel (Hofheim near Frankfurt)

Patrox (28, Berlin) vs. Ekaterina (25, Cologne)