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8 tips: how to become a travel superhero for your executive

Whether it's back-to-back meetings or the pressure to perform well with little sleep, the stress that business travel brings is significant for executives. If you can anticipate these moments and find relief, you will deserve high credit. Not only executives have to deal with numerous tasks. We know your day is already jam-packed with office management - not to mention travel arrangements - so we've saved you time (and thinking) by putting together 8 simple and powerful tips on how to make any business trip a success.

A positive travel experience depends on a few key factors that your business needs:

  • Clarity - always up-to-date information on all travel details
  • Support - being able to ask for help at any time
  • Time saving - quick completion of administrative tasks in their absence
  • Personalization - the travel experience you expect
  • Fun - special or relaxing moments

These tips will help you think outside the box when planning your next business trip. You will master more than pure travel management and develop into a fully trained travel superhero.

Prepare your manager's cell phone

Here are a few travel apps that can make your executive's journey a lot easier. With TripIt you can find gate and departure information for flights in real time. Many hotel apps, such as the Marriott Mobile App, enable mobile check-in. Think about the apps your manager is likely to use and go the extra step by downloading them and even logging in if necessary. For international travel, choose one app for currency conversion and one for translation. XE's currency converter is available for Android and iOS and helps you stay within budget while traveling. Google Translator is the best option for a translation app.

Don't forget to download the appropriate languages ​​and currencies for offline use. Undoubtedly there will be dead spots or longer interruptions in WiFi access from time to time, so download offline features whenever possible. You can even download city maps and enter location details in advance using Tripadvisor and Google Maps!

Designate a point of contact for last-minute itinerary changes

Stuck in Nice because of a train strike ... being held up for a day in Amsterdam because of fog ... having to spend an extra night in Newcastle ... whatever your manager is facing, you need to know who's responsible.

Last minute changes are always a hassle (unless you like queues). It would be a disaster if you didn't know beforehand who is responsible for handling changes.

If you've been with the company for a long time, you probably already know who is responsible for making last-minute changes to the travel plan. However, if this is a new working relationship, clarify beforehand.

Regardless of which provider you use for travel bookings, make sure that 24/7 support is included to get help quickly in unexpected situations. When you book with TravelPerk, our personal concierges take care of any unforeseen changes and are available around the clock by phone, email or chat so that your manager always has a contact person - even while you are sleeping.

Always keep an eye on preferences

Preferences change over time and circumstances. For example, your manager may prefer to be close to the customer or the local office on short trips, but want to be close to restaurants and city attractions on longer trips.

Do not rely on such details to be thought of. Keep an up-to-date list in an easy-to-edit file (like Google Docs) or use TravelPerk to save this information individually. Here are some important categories:

  • Frequent flyer programs in use
  • Preferred seating
  • Preferred meals on board (especially if you have allergies)

With TravelPerk, you can also add a special request to every booking that our concierge service will take care of (such as late check-out or extra legroom).

Some preferences may apply to all trips, others may be more specific. By maintaining this list of preferences, you avoid repeated inquiries and save time for everyone involved.

Full review of the hotel

Have you ever been disappointed with the WiFi in the hotel? The last thing you want is to be partly responsible for a sub-optimal WiFi experience. Almost every hotel calls their WiFi fast, but that's not always the case. You can use Hotel Wi-Fi Test to check the actual status instantly.

Also, before you book a hotel, you might want to do a quick research on TripAdvisor to see honest reviews. Watch out for any service or quality issues. For the most useful information, see the last 5-10 top reviews and search for relevant tags like “library cafe” or “Wi-Fi lounge”.

Take care of "little extras".

As Executive Assistant to the CEO of Clarity Capitol, Yehoshua Wertheimer knows how important forward thinking is when traveling on business:

Managers don't always have time to plan. They understand that for maximum productivity and effectiveness they need the help of someone who is always a few moves ahead, clearing the clutter, and taking any preventive or proactive steps necessary.

Yehoshua Wertheimer

Here are some examples of little extras you can prepare for your manager:

  • Additional luggage tags
  • Additional business cards
  • Information about the local hosts (clients or office managers) and their contact details
  • Healthy, small snacks with protein
  • Restaurant recommendations based on well-known favorite foods
  • Tips for creating time out

Think about the little things that mean a lot to your manager and keep another wish list. Share your insights in the comments or on Twitter at @travelperk!

Save all trip details centrally and offline

You are aware of the need to have the itinerary, hotel and rental car information, loyalty program details and relevant contact information in one place. It is particularly important that the information is also available offline when needed.

So where should you keep all of your records? Here are a few ideas:

  • A one-page PDF document: create a one-page template in Word and fill in the details for each new trip. Save this as a PDF file that your manager can save on all devices and access offline.
  • A transparent envelope: Collect all the necessary travel documents in a transparent envelope or a transparent A4 envelope. You can print out your PDF file or attach copies of various confirmations.
  • A screenshot: With TravelPerk you can find the details of every trip in one place (with just one log-in!). However, if you need offline access, take a screenshot of the trip details and send it via Slack or Whatsapp. It's the quickest way.

Simplification of the expense report

Expense reports are often perceived as a massive waste of time. Tracking money takes longer than spending it.

Help your manager get the expense report done in no time. Download an app to scan receipts, such as: B. Receipt Bank or Expensify, which are available for iOS and Android. Even if your company has not yet officially launched such an app, it can be the salvation for every single employee. If your management does the travel expense report itself, you can speed it up by entering some travel details in the reports in advance.

But nothing beats automation. We offer integration with Expensify, which means that invoices are automatically created for all travel details. Hooray!

Create a successful overall experience

Here is a very simple question to ask your leader: What needs to happen to make this journey a success?

Perhaps the answer is: “No matter what happens, I have to be on time”, for you that means that you prepare alternatives just in case. Or it could be a little something like "I can't forget to get my daughter macaroons".

For each trip, establish the mandatory priorities and (for longer trips) one or two personal aspects that will make the stay more enjoyable. You are only in top form when you are balanced, rested and in harmony with your personal motivation for success.

After the trip, have a short conversation with your manager about how the trip went and what you can do differently next time. Build on each experience and continuously improve.

If you can reduce the demands of business travel on your manager by thinking ahead, bundling necessary documents, avoiding stress and increasing the joy of traveling, then you are indispensable for your manager. Or in other words: a travel superhero!

Simplify the booking, preparation and reporting of business trips by logging into TravelPerk.