What is loneliness in relation to spirituality

Loneliness - understanding and defeating the feeling of inner emptiness

Despite limitless accessibility in our ultra-modern world, loneliness continues to spread. Whether it's a smarter relationship, divorce or the death of a partner - there are many triggers why people feel lonely.

Loneliness affects not only single people and the elderly, but also many married people. In order to understand the feeling of inner emptiness, we need to find out what causes it. If you feel isolated or left alone, you can use empathic counseling to overcome your loneliness, heal emotional pain and find new joie de vivre.

What can be the causes of loneliness?

Loneliness describes the subjective feeling of being internally empty, unloved and excluded. Rarely do these emotions pass by without a trace. Because loneliness has been shown to increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, sleep problems and stressful states. Many believe that older people and singles in particular feel lonely, but young people and long-term couples also experience this loneliness. We should overcome loneliness, because if it lasts longer, it also affects our psychological well-being. In the worst case, it can cause serious depression. There can be many reasons why we feel lonely.

Often there are major upheavals in life such as job changes or relocation behind the loneliness. Feelings of abandonment also arise when children move out or a trusted person has died. We feel emptiness when we grieve for loved ones or break relationships, be it a friendship, partnership or marriage. Loneliness after separation or divorce is particularly depressing. But drastic changes don't always make us feel lonely. If one's own needs for closeness, appreciation or recognition are not met, feelings of loneliness can also develop. Experts give valuable tips against loneliness in order to enable those seeking help to improve their living situation. Further Reasons for feeling excluded are:

  • Excessive demands on the job
  • unemployment
  • Diseases
  • Impersonal communication
  • Problems approaching others
  • Live side by side
  • Despair and lovesickness
  • Negative self-image

What tips are there against loneliness?

Many people like to spend their time alone without feeling lonely. Alone is different from loneliness, which describes the painful feeling of inner isolation. Loneliness means that someone is mentally and often physically bad. An important reason why they should overcome loneliness. If you feel lonely too, you know the typical thoughts, for example: “Others don't care if I exist.” “Nobody cares about me anyway.” “Nobody understands me”. Almost everyone has negative self-talk from time to time. However, if you notice that the painful sensations persist and you withdraw more and more, you should first take countermeasures with tips against loneliness.

As a rule, those tormented by loneliness have little self-confidence or suffer from feelings of inferiority, caused by a negative self-image. If you want to overcome loneliness, it is hardly possible to come into long-term contact with others without acceptance and appreciation of your own personality. If you accept yourself, you can develop a positive attitude, which also changes the way you feel about those around you. Do you experience loneliness after separation, due to moving or because of unemployment? Learning to deal with unhappy feelings will help you break out of the black hole. Proven tips against loneliness:

  • Looking for contacts with like-minded people (forums, social networks)
  • Mindfulness and self-care through meditation
  • Draw attention to what supports
  • voluntary work
  • Small talk coaching
  • Reduce demands on yourself

Overcoming loneliness - what are feasible ways?

Tips against loneliness help to a certain extent. But we cannot always escape the vicious circle of pain, fear and inner emptiness on our own. The feeling of being left alone and excluded can lead to considerable health impairments in the long term. Loneliness after separation or in old age? People who, for certain reasons, feel so lonely that they can hardly relate to other people, often develop mental disorders or social fears. If you cannot overcome your loneliness on your own, there is an interaction between inner emptiness and illness. In this case, psychotherapy can be helpful. Professional therapists are experienced in dealing with the consequences of chronic loneliness such as alcohol abuse, relationship fears or thoughts of suicide.

Psychological counseling centers can also help if you feel lonely. Whether you have relationship problems, a lack of self-esteem prevents you from socializing or a breakup is troubling you. You can overcome loneliness and feel connected again. If no therapeutic accompaniment is necessary, respectful spiritual life counseling can be the optimal support. You will receive effective tips against loneliness and solution-oriented expert help to strengthen social relationships, use techniques to reduce stress or cope with feelings of isolation.

What to do if you are lonely after a separation or if the offspring move out?

Loneliness after separation or divorce is one of the most painful feelings, along with other negative emotions. Many cannot bear the inner emptiness and rush into busyness. Others who feel unloved and lonely enter into new relationships too quickly. Often they also use pointless tips against loneliness that are only aimed at distraction. Fear and stress create behavioral patterns that are programmed to flee and prevent pain processing. Loneliness can only be overcome by truly letting go and accepting the situation. When you rediscover your positive traits and recognize unwanted relationship patterns, you get a new perspective on the problem situation.

Loneliness after separation from a husband or boyfriend is not the only cause of pain, it is also a stab in the heart when the children leave the parental home. No heated discussions, no follies, no laughter. In order to overcome loneliness, the attitude “It's nice that you are so mature and independent” enables far more than the attitude “I miss you infinitely”. If you feel lonely, you should still try to watch the children's development with joy and pride and focus on being yourself. These Tips against loneliness help when the children say goodbye:

  • Strive for new goals in good time
  • Travel, new career start, sport
  • Promote a positive attitude
  • Think about your partner and friends

Feeling lonely in old age or after the death of your partner - what to do?

A central social problem is loneliness in old age. Many seniors don't talk about feeling abandoned and lonely. Often it is physical complaints such as joint problems or hearing loss that limit social life. But there are also many ways that older people can overcome their loneliness. Escort and visit services help to maintain vitality and quality of life. The qualified employees provide support with everyday tasks and accompany seniors Excursions and have enriching conversations. Experienced life coaches can also find ways out of isolation. They give practical tips against loneliness, for example when perceiving your own needs or when it comes to being more open to one another in a group.

In addition to the inner emptiness in old age and loneliness after separation, the death of the partner can trigger intense fear of abandonment in the bereaved. The loss is particularly hard if the relationship was characterized by strong emotional dependence. How one can deal with grief and overcome loneliness depends on one's attitude towards life and one's personal method of dealing with the problem. However, not everyone can cope with grief with their own strategies. Feeling lonely deep inside and persevering in pain without help can cause stress-related illnesses and increase the risk of suicide. General practitioners, psychotherapists and empathetic grief counselors offer valuable support.

Is there emotional loneliness?

Millions of people around the world feel lonely, although it has never been easier to establish contacts. But especially in our modern society, loneliness can affect everyone. Two forms of loneliness have existed in psychology since the 1970s. If a person is emotionally lonely, they have little or no people they can trust who care about them and make them feel like they belong. Overcoming emotional loneliness is possible if we allow contacts, build new relationships and gradually regain trust. The second type is social isolation, which depicts a deficit in social integration. Social loneliness describes the feeling of being cut off from life, being ignored.

Feeling lonely is an important alarm signal that prompts us to be active in order to reconnect. The mechanisms of action of persistent loneliness have now been well researched. Not being needed has a negative effect not only on mental and physical health, but also on sleep and risk behavior. Strategies and tips against loneliness do not always help. Something nice cooking or walking alone through the forest is not very useful for making new contacts. Do you suffer from loneliness after a breakup? Do you have to deal with the loss of someone? Or do you want to overcome your loneliness because you feel rejected? Spiritual advisors support you with a wide range of help on stress reduction, self-discovery, the path to the soul, basic trust or the interpretation of the future.

Can a Spiritual Advisor Understand My Emotions?

Spirituality regards the painful experience of a lack of connection as an opportunity for personal growth, self-discovery and self-reflection. Overcome loneliness, escape the downward spiral: Spiritual advisors use tried and tested methods such as fortune telling, dream interpretation, clairvoyance, spiritual healing or card reading to track down the causes. They dissolve emotional blocks and bring out your innermost needs. Loneliness after separation / divorce, social losses in retirement, or when you feel lonely because your dream partner doesn't notice you.

When you feel abandoned and excluded despite being with your partner, family, and friends, you experience temporary or chronic loneliness. The susceptibility to people feeling lonely is justified by scientific studies with negative perspectives and basic convictions. If you want to overcome loneliness in the long term, fortune tellers with many years of experience, angel media, tarot experts or clairvoyants will give you new stability and strength.

Viversum offers spiritual life counseling by phone or chat and qualified support in dealing with despair, anger and depression, with emotional distress and contact difficulties.

How can a free talk about loneliness help me?

Viversum offers 15 minutes of clairvoyance, fortune telling, card reading, bereavement assistance or channeling free of charge for new customers who want to overcome their loneliness and learn to be alone. After registering without obligation, first-time callers can get free telephone advice from the expert of their choice. You can conveniently select them from the list of consultants according to their performance method and qualifications and call them directly. In the risk-free introductory meeting, clients can raise various concerns, be it finding friends, strengthening friendship, dealing with sadness after a death, heartache after a breakup. The 15 minute free talk serves to break down barriers by getting to know each other individually and to test the quality of the advice without any obligation. Finally overcome loneliness and escape the fear of being alone! Take the first step, talk to a sensitive life coach and take advantage of all the advantages of a non-binding initial consultation.

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