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Create your own proxy / socks server

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Hello, I wanted to ask which programs / services you can use to open your own proxy server? So that others can use it via port 8088 and be able to travel with its IP via HTTP. I don't know how it works, but if there is a proxy server, is there also a Socks5 server that you can simply open (under windows!)? Most of all I would like a service that can be run invisibly, or one that runs under DOS. Thanks for answers!

Answer 1 by pfroschX

I think Wingate is fairly common. But there are certainly umpteen others. Maybe just look at google. When configuring, however, you should be careful not that everyone is then using the IP and possibly messing up.

Answer 2 from tmkb

Is Wingate for HTTP or for FTP? possibly for both?

Answer 3 from schorschi

look up

Squid actually has all the features you need. Squid is actually the most common proxy.

Kind regards

Answer 4 from tmkb

But squid is for Unix, is there also a good one for WinNT and which can also run invisibly or under Dos?

Answer 5 from schorschi

I would visit and otherwise I can give you Or maybe

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