Why can't I rasterize the layer in Photoshop

Photoshop - Rasterize layer grayed out


I have a problem with step 4: Layer is rasterized
grayed out, that's why I can't get any further.

The tutorial is described very sparingly. No help with the guidelines, handles, paths and other important things with which a beginner can have problems. People who are familiar with Ps do not need instructions for this. I would look for another source of inspiration in your place.

Since I don't know your Ps version, I'll just give you general tips. I think you have a pure work path.

A shape layer can be rasterized, a work path cannot (it is not saved in layers, but with the paths).
If you select the pen you can change the settings at the top left. If you take shape and then paint, you also have the grid point active in the layer menu because you are painting on the layer (and in the paths).

But it doesn't matter what you take, you can also fill a normal work path and thus continue working.
To do this, go to the Paths palette and double-click on Work Path and give it a name (shape1 . Then right click on it and fill the path area. Then back to the layer palette and you're done, you have a rasterized shape on the active layer.

However, you should remember that when you fill path in the path palette, the active layer in the layer palette is always used.
So don't forget to use the empty layer for the second form.

In the end it looked like this for me: http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/6279/tutpp2.jpg (I took different colors and shapes).


  • Show and hide auxiliary lines with Ctrl + H.
  • The things that you look out of the path points to bend the path are called handles.
  • Right click on that f Symbol in the layer with effects and you can copy the layer effects and then right-click to paste them into another layer (for the 2nd form).

Kind regards