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Instagram: what does the order of subscribers mean?

On Instagram, you can easily see all subscribers to your profile or from other users. At first glance, the order of the subscribers seems arbitrary. But a second look reveals a pattern according to which the subscribers are sorted in the profile overview.

You can find both your subscribers and those of other users via the profile view. Tap the total number of followers to see the individual names of the Instagram users.

Order of subscribers in Instagram

In your own profile you can also find out which followers you are already following. In addition to profiles that you have not yet subscribed to, you will find the command Follow. The accounts are unsorted in the overall overview. With the new view Accounts You Don't Follow, you can see at a glance who you could leave a subscription to. In addition, Instagram gives you an overview of accounts that you follow, but with which you hardly or not at all interact.

If you only have a few followers, the subscribers are arranged alphabetically. There may be some deviations in the upper area. Here you will see occasional accounts with which you have interacted a lot in the past, for example, or with which Instagram thinks, based on your last activities, that you could establish personal contact.

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Order of the story viewers

On the other hand, there is no alphabetical order for Instagram profiles with subscribers in the three-digit range. Here the followers are arranged chronologically. The newest fans can be found at the top, while the long-established contacts can only be seen when scrolling down.

The order of the story viewers also matters. According to Julian Gutman, a person in charge of Instagram, the accounts with which you are often in contact are shown in front of the story. This includes profile visits, likes or comments on the corresponding profile. Gutman, however, keeps a secret, according to which exactly the order of the Instagram users is selected. Instagram keeps its algorithm a secret so there are only hints and observations about the views. Deviations are possible at any time, so that the follower list could look a little different the next time it is viewed.

Even if some services try to fool it, profile visitors cannot be seen in Instagram.