Can animals be creative

15 animals with unique characteristics show that nature can be incredibly creative

October 06, 2020 • From Barbara


When Mother Nature has a hand in it, she can be an artist of unparalleled creativity and originality. We see them every day and admire their breathtaking landscapes, the mountains, the rivers, the sea, the masterpieces of the world around us. And yet the fantasy that Mother Nature puts in us every day also lives in the animal kingdom. There are so many mutations or peculiarities that our animal friends can have that we only really notice them when we see them with our own eyes.

Look at the pupils of this amazing white cat: half of them are a different color!


You looked really well: it's a black squirrel with a very yellow tail!

image: AcadianMan / Reddit

A butterfly with its mouth wide open on its wings ... how scary!

image: Qazdrtgbijol / Reddit

Are we dealing with a rare sighting of a vampire cat?

image: HavingLastLaugh / Reddit

A white arrow ... of course!

image: Pm_me_asian_femboys / Reddit

See how the spots around my dog's eyes have gradually gone ...

image: short_cakes / Reddit

A tiny frog!

image: okgodlemmehaveit / Reddit

A close encounter with a winking crow ... isn't that scary?

image: Unknown / Reddit

Just look how big and menacing the harpy eagle is! He looks like a man disguised as a bird!

image: cgr339 / Reddit

A bee ... all blue!

image: Kelly / Reddit

An extraordinary red fox: check out these bright colors!

image: KeenFeed / Reddit

Ladies and gentlemen, the arctic hare: doesn't it look like a stuffed animal?

image: unnaturalorder / Reddit

A baby ... swordfish!

image: imSilv / Reddit

The incredible colors of this very rare lizard from the Skinkidiane family

image: icantspeakesperanto / Reddit

The incomparable beauty of the Andean cat, now critically endangered

image: MistWeaver80 / Reddit

It has to be said that Mother Nature never shrinks from imagination, does it?