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Drug test in traffic - what is the best way to behave?

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General traffic control - drug test

in the Road traffic it happens often general traffic controls by the police. Often a Drug test be made to the Driving ability of the driver check. But must this one Request to be obeyed? The simple answer to that question is first of all nobecause you have that Law the drug test in a traffic stop deny. It is therefore also useful Drug test to deny, should it concerns give that of this is negative. A Drug testing without consent is not permitted and no one is forced to take an active part in its transfer.

FAQ: drug test

Do I have to agree to the drug test at a traffic stop?

In principle, you do not have to agree to the rapid test. However, the officers can then order a blood test, which you cannot refuse.

Which substances are tested for?

A quick test during a traffic stop can test for amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, cannabis, methamphetamines and benzodiazepines within a few minutes.

What happens if the result is positive?

If the rapid test is positive, a blood test is usually carried out in order to ensure that it can be detected in court. Drugs behind the wheel usually result in high fines and a driving ban. But a driving license withdrawal is also conceivable.

Should you be the police but one Cause for doubt on your Driving ability can have given Drug test by means of a judicial decision to be orderedwhich ultimately Must be obeyed. The same also applies when the police officers Imminent danger suspect. If the result of the Drug tests positive off, becomes a Blood test ordered, which also exists in court. The result may differ here, which means a positive rapid drug test at a traffic control not directly means, that the Driver's license handed in must become. If the drug test is negative, no consequences are to be expected.
Every drug test also has a detection limit, the cut-off value.

A Drug test for the Driving schoolto prove the general ability to drive is not familiar.

Types of drug tests

A Drug test can on done different ways The verifiability also varies here. At a Traffic control become Rapid drug tests used because a result should be delivered quickly.

What counts in court but only the result of the Blood tests, all previous tests represent only one Initial suspicion by means of a Drug test on the hair can he drug consumption about a longer period to be analyzed. However, this does not have to be expected during a traffic control.

How long a drug test takes to get the result also varies.

  • Drug test urine: The police often use this drug test during Traffic controls, because he quick results supplies. Since many drugs are broken down through the kidneys, they are appropriate Degradation products sometimes very long detectable in urine.
    The Detection times vary here between the Substances however strong.
  • Drug test saliva: In a drug test of the saliva is carried out by means of a Test stripSaliva from the mouth taken. This can then be analyzed in a quick test, whereby a Result in just a few minutes is present. The results of the saliva test are relatively congruent with those of the blood test, but are not valid in court.
  • Drug test blood: A drug test of the blood can only carried out in a laboratory become. For this is Blood drawn and analyzed it for drugs in a laboratory. This blood drug test also has passed in court and is considered meaningful. Only if that too Drug test positive in blood is, can Driver's license revoked and significant consequences are to be expected. However, here too are the Verifiability highly variable and essential lower than in the urine test. The blood test cannot be refused.
  • Drug test sweat: Sweat can also be analyzed for drugs. This is usually done with a Test strips over sweat-absorbing parts of the body wiped. The drug test, for example, is about that Palm possible and will then be analyzed; however, the results of this test are quite imprecise, which is why it does not stand up in court.
  • Drug test using hair analysis: A drug test on the hair is far more precise, but it will not used in a traffic controlbecause he pursues the goal Evidence of drug use over a longer period of time.The removed Hair sample is analyzed in a laboratory, for example as part of a drug test for the MPU.

Drug Test - What Is Tested?

In principle, any type of drug can be checked and detected using a drug test. At Drug tests in traffic will however Rapid tests used that only on one test a limited number of substances can.

The common rapid drug tests can lead to Opiates, cannabis, amphetamines, methamphetamines, benzodiazepines as cocaine be tested. Performing the drug test only takes a few minutes.

Drug Test - Detectabilities - Values

Different substances can be different lengths through a drug test prove, The detection times also vary depending on the type of test. A Drug test after consuming speed can therefore still positive for up to three days fail. The table shows again which drug can be detected for how long.

Substance & duration of actionDetectability in the urineDetectability in the blood

1-4 hours

2-10 hours (oral)
one-time consumption:
2-3 Days

regular consumption:
6-8 weeks

Continuous consumption:
up to 12
occasional consumption:
3 days

regular consumption:
up to 30 days

3-12 hours
up to
24 hours

6-12 hours
1 day
Crystal (methamphetamine)

up to 30 hours
1 day

1-3 hours

10-30 minutes
up to
24 hours

Depending on the substance, 3-24 hours
Depending on
8 hours
up to 2 days

12-24 hours

for long-term use
some hours
until days

3-24 hours
2-4 days

some hours
until days

However, these verification times can only be used as Guideline values can be seen, as there are sometimes contradicting statements and the manufacturers of the tests do not provide uniform information. Plus, it's from person to person varies in how quickly substances break down become.

A drug test can also false positive turn down if he did reacts to other substances Has. This is for example at Medication possible.

Positive drug test - consequences

But what are the consequences of a positive drug test for the driver's license?
Become a road user during a Traffic control positive on Drugs tested, can because of the Offense against that Narcotics Act be determined.

For a Resultthat too in court has and to one Driving license withdrawal but first becomes one Blood test arranged. Is this Drug test Likewise positive, consequences are to be expected. Drug offenses in traffic drag Points in Flensburg, Fines and temporary driving bans with himself.

Is the Drug test positive, can he Driver's license in danger be. Has been under the influence of drugs the Traffic endangered, can he Driving license permanently revoked become.

Is the Embargo after the driver's license has been withdrawn overcome, usually needs the MPU must be passed in order to be allowed to participate in road traffic again. The MPU draws tremendous costs with himself that is on up to 500 euros can amount and there are no guarantee, the To regain driving license. In the context of the MPU there is also one Hair drug test to exist in order to prove abstinence over a longer period of time.

In the following table of fines you can also read again which fines are to be expected and what traffic law provides for penalties for drug offenses.

OffenseFinePointsDriving ban F ban
Violation of the prohibition of drugs driving the first time500 €21 month 1 m
... the second time1.000 €23 months 3 m
... for the third time1.500 €23 months 3 m
Endangering road traffic31)
1)Deprivation of driving license, imprisonment or fine
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Drug test in traffic - what is the best way to behave?
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