What college football rivalries should be revived

Both want - but the deadline pressure

Pittsburgh versus Penn State - that was once one of the great rivalries in US college football. In total, the two universities have played against each other exactly 96 times since 1893. During the last millennium this series broke off and is now to be put on a new basis, according to the will of the two Athletic Directors. A corresponding discussion was held on the sidelines of the ACC spring meeting and Pitts Athletic Director Steve Pederson has been very optimistic about a revival of the popular rivalry. “I hope the series can be revived on a regular basis. I would sign a 30 year agreement right away. We're both from the same state and we're only a three hour drive from each other. ”Penn States AD Dave Joyner Dave Joyner said something similar on the sidelines of the Big Ten Spring Meeting in Chicago:“ We're interested in talking about it. In Pennsylvania this would be a great thing. Our head coach Bill O’Brian is also very enthusiastic about the continuation. "

The real problem, however, is the prepared timetable for both universities. Pittsburgh plays eight conference games and one game against Notre Dame in the ACC. The latter event is only held every three years. The Nittany Lions, on the other hand, play nine Big Ten games each year and also host three non-conference games. From the point of view of Pittsburgh, the deadline pressure is additionally tightened, as another cherished tradition stands in the way. Talks are currently being held with the AD of West Virginia, Oliver Luck, to revive the "Backyard Brawl" between the two universities, which has already been played 104 times. In 2012, that streak ended when West Virginia left the Big East and moved to the Big 12. Pederson had only recently spoken to Luck about possible scheduling, and here, too, both directors stated that they were very interested in not letting the Backyard Brawl die for good.

Schlueter - May 15, 2013

The Pittsburgh Panthers would love to see Penn State play again. (© Getty Images)

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