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Tinting eyebrows: instructions, costs & tips

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Nothing works today without well-defined, neatly plucked and color-perfect eyebrows! Well-groomed, defined brows bring yours Eyes to shine and give your face an enchanting frame. But how do we get the perfect eyebrows? While some work with pen or gel every day, others opt for one more permanent solution. We'll tell you all the advantages and disadvantages of this to color eyebrows at the hairdresser's or Permanent make up in the cosmetic institute.

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What do I need to dye my eyebrows?

First things first: To dye your eyebrows, you'll need one special eyebrow color. Conventional color cream for hair is Not suitable! You can get eyebrow color in every drugstore today. For an optimal result, however, you should opt for a high-quality product that you can buy from your hairdresser or from hairdressing supplies. The advantage: the professional can tell you exactly which shade is best for your hair and skin tone. Next Eyebrow color and Developer liquid do you need the following:

  • Cotton pads and sticks
  • small jar for mixing the ingredients
  • Saline solution
  • Vaseline or some other high-fat cream
  • small eyebrow brush to apply the color (also works: an old, clean mascara brush)

Instructions: how to properly dye eyebrows?

If you want to dye your eyebrows yourself, you should work fast: The longer the color and developer are mixed together and the longer the mixture is on your eyebrows, the darker the color will be. Therefore, when you start, everything should within your reach so that you can work quickly. When coloring eyebrows, you now proceed as follows:

  1. Protect skin: So that the skin around your eyebrows is not colored, protect them with vaseline.
  2. Prepare eyebrows: Dip a cotton swab into the saline solution and degrease so that your eyebrows can better absorb the color.
  3. Mix color: Mix the eyebrow color in Ratio 1: 1 with the developer solution.
  4. Apply color: Wear the color evenly in the direction of growth with the eyebrow brush on your eyebrows.
  5. Retighten: For the best result, you can trace the shape again with a slightly damp cotton swab and excess paint lose weight.
  6. Exposure time: The lighter the eyebrows and the skin type, the shorter the exposure time. We recommend an exposure time of at the first attempt three minutes, which you can extend next time if necessary.
  7. Take off color: To remove the color, use a damp cotton swab.

Pluck eyebrows properly

Many women pluck their eyebrows into shape before resorting to color: a mistake! If you pluck your eyebrows before you dye them, it can happen that the color particles are very visibly deposited in the open pores of the skin. This can also lead to allergic reactions including redness and swelling. It is therefore called: first dye, then pluck!

Tip for the perfect shape: Elongated and oval faces are perfectly underlined by rather flat eyebrows, while round faces benefit from curved brows. If you have a rather angular, distinctive face, refine it slightly pointed brows your facial features, whereas heart-shaped faces with round brows appear finer and narrower. You can find out the latest trends and tricks for perfect eyebrows in the article on eyebrow shaping.

Dyeing eyebrows at the hairdresser's: what's the point?

Beginners almost always make the mistake of choosing a color that is too dark or letting the mixture sit for too long. This is not dramatic, but it does mean that you will have two black bars on your face for at least three weeks. 😉 You leave yours Dye eyebrows at the hairdresser's, you can be sure that he or she is the correct nuance chooses and knows how long the mixture is allowed to act. Dyeing at the hairdresser's also has that advantagethat you can then have your brows plucked straight into the perfect shape - against one small surcharge.

How much does it cost to dye eyebrows?

Dyeing eyebrows at the hairdresser's is usually not expensive. In most Beauty salons do you pay between 8 and 10 euros. Often a complete eye styling (eyelashes and eyebrows tinting + eyebrow plucking) is required for under 20 eurosoffered. The color usually lasts three to four weeks.

Coloring eyebrows: cosmetic institutes in Vienna

You can have your eyebrows tinted in the following cosmetic institutes in Vienna:

Permanent make-up as an alternative

If you don't want to worry about styling your brows daily or monthly, you canPermanent make up be a sensible alternative. Permanent eyebrow make-up is particularly suitable for women who by nature have very few, thin or very light eyebrows and for whom the dyeing of the brows does not achieve the desired beauty effect because there are too few hairs to dye .

You can find out exactly what permanent make-up is, how it works and how much it costs in our comprehensive article on permanent make-up.

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