What are the best anime

The best anime series of 2020

The anime industry also had some production problems in the spring, and the continuation of many series has been postponed for half a year. In the meantime, many studios have adapted and recovered - whether this also applies to the already tough working conditions in the animation scene, however, is questionable. Nevertheless - the medium's popularity continues. In Japan, for example, some records were broken on the screen, the title Demon Slayer: Infinity Train is now the most successful anime at the box office.

In the meantime, we've looked around the TV productions and filtered out ten favorites.

Akudama Drive (Studio Pierrot)

The cyberpunk genre is currently booming with video game fans, with Akudama Drive a matching series ended just this week. In this stylish action spectacle, a normal young woman is accidentally involved in the outbreak of a so-called Akudama - a criminal who has been sentenced to several hundred years in prison. In order not to be killed by the group of highly dangerous Akudama present, she pretends to be one of them and is engaged for another assignment. In the fight against the ruling dictatorship and executioners wielding lightsabers, the motley group tries to ambush a train that is also worshiped as a deity.

Deca-Dence (Nut)

The premise is the same Attack on Titan in a sci-fi setting: in the distant future, the rest of humanity travels in a gigantic moving fortress through the devastated wastelands. A mysterious elite protect them and fight outside against the monstrous Gadoll. But after a few episodes it becomes clear that these plot elements were just gigantic red herring. There is also a whole level of action that sweeps the set up chess pieces, including the protagonist, from the table. This can be a bit off-putting at first, but those who stick to it until the end will be rewarded with further clever changes of plot.

Dorohedoro (MAPPA)

What is this Netflix adaptation about? Fans would likely respond with gyoza - a Japanese dough dish. Perhaps that does the colorful CGI anime justice best, because the crazy world of Dorehedoro to describe otherwise is difficult. That should also be the case with the protagonist, whose head was transformed into that of a reptile by a magician. In addition, he loses all memories of his previous life and has to find his way in a new, bizarre environment. The series is surreal, brutal, grotesque, confusing but at the same time warm.

In / Specter (Brain’s Base)

As a child she was abducted by apparitions and crowned queen, but lost an eye and a leg in the process. As a child he had to eat the flesh of a mermaid and became immortal in the process - together they now solve cases of sightings of these apparitions. Yes, In / Specter remains similar, consists largely of pure dialogues and deals with the relationship between two unusual young people. But that is exactly what makes it unusual and, despite some rough edges, gives the title a place on this list.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 2 (A-1 Pictures)

The second season of the successful anime, which could already be found here last year, is completely convincing. This time, the rich Kaguya and the intelligent Miyuki not only fight for each other's confession, but also for their places on the student council. The two geniuses still prove to be incompetent when it comes to love and, as is typical of the genre, they can hardly make progress, but the great humor and excellent style with brilliant visual ideas stand out again. A third season has already been announced and the studio is sure to have some fresh ideas.

Kakushigoto (Ajia-Do)

The author of a manga with a focus on lascivious jokes is a single father and he protects his daughter at all costs. This also applies to knowing about your father's job, which is why he uses all means to pretend to be doing a normal office job. His colleagues therefore have to prove their acting skills and dissuade the daughter from the truth in absurd scenarios. In addition to the excellent humor, there is also a tragic level about the missing mother and the slightly agonizing undertone of the girl who loves her father unconditionally.

Moriarty the Patriot (Production I.G)

Sherlock Holmes' arch-rival has not appeared in Arthur Conan Doyle's stories as often as the popularity of Professor James Moriarty might suggest. The anime series from the Ghost-in-the-Shell makers revolves around the origin story of the genius opponent and gives his deeds a new background. In the anime, for example, the young mathematician takes action against criminals within the upper class and usually helps poor servants to take bloody revenge. The master detective also appears, but is still at the beginning of his career and lets himself be tempted to make fatal mistakes by his wild temperament.

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! (Silver Link)

That a nerdy noblewoman in this Isekai title (Note: Coming from Another World) can have more romantic relationships than generic harem protagonists is one of the funnier milestones in anime history. The explanation: After her rebirth, video game fan Catarina Claes finds herself in the world of a dating simulation. But her character is, of all things, an evil adversary who faces a tragic fate at each end of the plot. Catarina avoids this with innocent charm and boundless positivity, which also ensures that pretty much all characters, regardless of gender, fall hopelessly in love with her.

Re: ZERO - Starting Life in Another World - Season 2 (White Fox)

Even fantasy fans who don't normally watch animated series could benefit from Re: Zero have heard. The series caused a stir a few years ago with its bloody time travel premise. Protagonist Subaru is reborn after each death at a point a few days or weeks ago, but cannot tell anyone about this skill. The traumatized teenager has to go through countless brutal murders in season 2 and keep his sanity. This time he gets help from a witch from a parallel dimension who makes him immoral offers. Due to the difficult production conditions, the season ends without completing the current chapter, but will soon be continued.

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle (Doga Kobo)

Actually, a good comedy only needs an absurd premise. In this series, this is already expressed by the title. Any questions? Well. The princess of a generic fantasy kingdom is kidnapped by the king of demons - in this case more monsters and mystical creatures. However, the demons treat their hostage extremely well and are even reluctant to meet them at first - most of them have never spoken to a human. This means that the princess gets bored very quickly - time that she wants to bridge the gap with sleep. However, the noblewoman has extreme demands on her bed and the atmosphere she needs for her night's rest. Therefore, she breaks out of her cell without further ado and causes chaos and terror among the demons in search of sleep.