How to clean your Caterpillar shoes

Clean work shoes

Safety shoes are very strained in everyday working life. This should make your work shoes clean and maintain. This ensures that they are comfortable to wear long after they have been bought, and the durability of the shoes is increased. Because of this, we have a number of Tips put together how to use your work shoes regularly maintain properly and well. With the right care, smelly shoes are finally a thing of the past.

Carefully select different cleaning agents and care products

There are special ones for every work shoe and for all materials Cleaning supplies. So you should always do that right one Use the product for cleaning safety shoes so as not to damage the textiles or the impregnation. Use to clean the work shoes no other than the care product intended for it.

Replace orthopedic shoe insoles regularly

Do you own safety shoes with anatomically shaped orthopedic insoles? Then you should do this at the latest when using your safety shoes every day six months replace, as the softening of the materials by moisture means that the corrective function can no longer be clearly given. Cleaning the insole of the work shoes makes no sense here. You can find more information on the insert on the insert.

Complete cleaning of the shoe

The individual components of a safety shoe are made from a wide variety of materials. You should therefore every part individually clean and maintain. Below are tips for caring for each part.

Cleaning the upper material of the work shoes

For the Outer skin the best way to remove the shoe is to use a brush or a damp cloth. If the dirt is already dry, you can also use water with a little detergent, which you apply to a brush or cloth. Then apply a suitable care product to the shoe and treat the shoe with an impregnation spray. Which means of care is the right one here depends on the material.

Care shoe polish thin and even Instruct. Do not apply too much pressure, as some work shoes have patterns with colors that can easily be blurred if too much pressure is applied. Leather shoes it is best to pull up on one after every intensive cleaning Shoe trees, so that the leather does not form unsightly and uncomfortable leather folds.

Cleaning the outsole

For the outsole, it is best to remove the coarsest dirt and small stones from the profile with a brush and the rest with a damp cloth until it is clean.

Care of the inner shoe

If moisture has already accumulated in the inner shoe, it helps the shoes for one night Paper towels or Newsprint stuffing, which soaks up the moisture a little. The use of a special one is also recommended for a particularly pleasant smell Shoe deodorants, that you simply spray into your shoes in the evening. The next day, the work shoes smell pleasantly fresh again.

Care of the insole

If you use an insole for your safety shoes, you should take it out of the shoe from time to time and put it in the fresh air to ventilate and dry. Just like the inner shoe, you can also spray the sole with shoe deodorant for further care, if you have one.

Cleaning the tongue of the shoe

The tongue is one of the textile areas in a safety shoe and requires special care. They should also be cleaned of dirt at regular intervals or, if you wear your work shoes barefoot in summer, any skin residues. A damp cloth and a care product for various textile materials are suitable for this.

Maintain shoelaces and Velcro fasteners

The best way to clean Velcro fasteners is with soapy water and a brush. For the removal of individual hairs or fibers is one tweezers very suitable. So the closures close again firmly and reliably.

The Laces Simply put the safety shoes in the washing machine for care. They look like new again after the wash. However, if they are already torn, you should replace the laces for safety reasons.

Clean safety shoes in the washing machine or dishwasher?

Some models can even completely washed in the washing machine - but you should Attention let go. However, this method of grooming is only conditionally recommended. Under no circumstances should you machine wash shoes that are not labeled accordingly. Essential gentler is hand cleaning. The shoe will do it with a much larger one durability to thank.

Granted, the idea with the dishwasher caring for work shoes sounds pretty crazy. The great advantage With the dishwasher is that your safety shoes by the missing drum not tossed about but still intensive can be cleaned with hot water and washing-up liquid. This procedure is a lot gentler than cleaning with the washing machine. The seams, textiles and the adhesive are stressed far less during cleaning and last a lot longer.

Important: After cleaning with the washing machine or dishwasher, you should air dry the shoes for several days and cover them with newspaper. You can also use kitchen paper. You have to change this more often because of the greater suction effect.