You can safely eat a cow brain

Water buffalo horn for dogs

"Powerful chewing pleasure with dental care effect"

If you are your four-legged friend with exquisite and very tough Chews want to pamper you, why not offer him a water buffalo horn. These dog chews have numerous advantages. You can find out exactly what makes a water buffalo horn for dogs here.

How do water buffalo horns differ from antlers?

Water buffalo horns for dogs usually come from the Asian water buffalo and are particularly hard. They can be both hollow and naturally partially filled.

While antlers are mostly carried by deer and elk and shed once a year, horns only grow once in a lifetime.

In addition, these grow much more slowly than antlers. Because of this, it can happen that not all horn pieces or sizes are always available.

Why is the water buffalo horn so healthy for dogs?

The chewing horns only have a very low fat content because they consist almost entirely of protein. This is mainly keratin, a so-called fiber protein, which ensures a beautiful and shiny dog ​​coat. To ensure that the important proteins are preserved, the chewing horns must be carefully dried. The product should also be natural and free from artificial colors and preservatives.

Please also always make sure that the dog chews are not "refined" with sugar. Because the buffalo horns go down well with most dogs anyway, so this unhealthy flavor enhancer should always be avoided! It is also important not to feed dog chews indiscriminately, as there are different pieces that differ in their composition and hardness.

Different parts of the horn at a glance - for which dogs are the chewing horns suitable?

As a rule, water buffalo horns for dogs are offered either whole or in smaller pieces. This results in several advantages: On the one hand, you can choose the snack that suits the size of your pet. While large dog breeds can eat whole horns, pieces of water buffalo horns are recommended for small fur noses. On the other hand, you can take into account the biting force of your animal, because the different pieces are usually of different hardness.

Buffalo horn tips are usually particularly hard and should only be given to four-legged friends who have healthy teeth. Buffalo horn pith - i.e. the inner horn - is somewhat softer, but still has a medium hardness. It also contains a little more fat than the horn tip. Because of their hardness, the buffalo horns should only be given to animals with healthy teeth. Four-legged friends with dental problems could have considerable difficulty chewing such hard chews.

If your pet has dental problems, instead offer them some softer dog chews, such as dried rabbit breast fillet or beef nose. The same also applies to puppies, because their teeth are not yet fully developed. Most young dogs have their teeth changed by the age of eight months. It is therefore better to wait until the teeth have fully developed before feeding very hard dog snacks. While seniors and puppies should prefer to be pampered with softer delicacies, you can safely give allergic and overweight fur noses water buffalo horns for dogs.

Water buffalo horns for dogs offer numerous benefits

There are numerous benefits to feeding water buffalo horns - both for you and your pet. First of all, this is a dog snack that doesn't get sticky or slimy when chewed. This means that your pet can safely enjoy the snack on the carpet. In addition, a chewing horn is quite odorless and therefore does not cause any problems even for delicate noses. But much more important are the positive aspects that a water buffalo horn has for dogs. First and foremost, the chew is very healthy and rich in protein. Since chewing horns are generally very hard, they also ensure long-term nibbling fun.

This in turn has a positive effect on the dental health of your pet, because the chewing activity cleans the teeth and prevents tartar and plaque. It should not be forgotten that chewing also strengthens the facial and mouth muscles. And as if that weren't enough, the long nibbling will relax your animal friend.

With a water buffalo horn you can satisfy the chewing instinct of your fur nose in a natural way and at the same time keep it busy in a species-appropriate manner. Since the horns also last a very long time, your four-legged companion - as well as chewing roots and antlers - offer hours of entertainment. So if you don't have time or are out of the house, give your pet a buffalo horn to keep them busy.

Buffalo chewing horns - healthy and long nibbling fun

With a buffalo horn you give your pet a special treat that not only tastes good, but is also healthy! The chewing horn provides a lot of protein and at the same time is very low in fat, which is why it is also suitable for overweight animals.

Allergy sufferers can also access it without any problems.

Since the water buffalo horn is very hard for dogs, it ensures long-term nibbling fun and at the same time represents a species-appropriate occupation for your pet. In addition, it also contributes to the dental health of your fur nose - the advantages that such a hearty dog ​​snack offer, therefore, prove to be extremely diverse.