How is Cozumel Mexico doing for Christmas

Christmas and New Year in Mexico

This winter, too, I ended up in Cozumel in Mexico over Christmas and the New Year. Maybe a little uninspired to do the same trip again, but the marine park can't be beat and the Cozumelians (or whatever they like to call themselves) are incredibly nice. Diving here is like visiting an aquarium. Just nicer. And better. And great.
Drift diving is a bit like flying and so you slide along while swimming under a nurse shark, turtles and all kinds of fish. Every now and then a couple of eagle rays pass by. Everything is colorful and diving with Dive Paradise is incredibly relaxed.

The (almost traditional) vacation in Mexico is almost entirely about diving. So besides diving, many acquaintances and some other divers and DiveMasters who have now become friends do not meet and relax much. But that has to be the case.

December and January may not be the most stable months for Cozumel weather, but I've been pretty lucky. The daily rain shower in the afternoon was mostly over almost as quickly as it came and during my four-week stay the port was only closed on one day due to strong winds.

Originally the plan was to finally go to the cenotes and dive there too, but I couldn't really persuade myself and my divebuddy. The advice of a diver friend that in order to dive the really interesting caves one must have done a cave diving course made me postpone the trip to the mainland until it was no longer worth it. But maybe next time ...

All pictures and videos under water are available again on Flickr. Here are a few impressions:

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