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LinkedIn Ads - New campaign goals and further updates

The campaign manager from LinkedIn is subject to constant optimization again this year and is continuously expanded with new updates. The campaign goals introduced in July 2019 have now been finally rolled out in all accounts. The three new campaign goals are Brand awareness, Conversions and Applicants.

LinkedIn thus gives advertisers the opportunity to cover all stages of a complete marketing funnel based on the objectives.

Brand awareness & conversions

If you previously had to manually optimize for impressions when setting up the campaign in order to focus on increasing reach, now - analogous to the reach target of the Facebook ad manager - brand awareness can be set as the overriding advertising goal. This allows the upper end of a full funnel to be mapped.

The situation is similar with the optimization target conversion. When selecting this new target, advertisements are increasingly shown to those people who tend to be most likely to carry out a certain pre-defined action on the website. In order to be able to properly record conversions on LinkedIn, however, it is necessary to set up conversion tracking in the campaign manager by installing the LinkedIn Insight tag on the website. There is the option of installing the Insight Tag once for the entire website or recording specific events (such as purchasing a product or registering for a newsletter) by installing the relevant code at the location where the conversion takes place .

Applicants as targets for recruiting campaigns

It becomes even more interesting with the new target applicant. This opportunity is very exciting, especially for companies in the B2B sector that use the LinkedIn business network to attract potential specialists.

If you don't want to set a daily budget for your recruiting campaign, the new advertising target is the only one that offers the option of automated budget pacing. This allows you to control how the total budget is spent during the runtime of a campaign. While in the choice of No pacing or Uniform pacing The option set by default offers the budget either as fast as possible or evenly Optimized pacing based on traffic the option to only spend the budget if the members in the target group are actually active on LinkedIn.

When choosing the ad format, the new job ad format is particularly interesting. With this variant, advertisements are created which profile data used by LinkedIn members to enable personalized display. For this, however, it is necessary to create one or more job advertisements in advance on your own LinkedIn company page so that the corresponding job title can be automatically integrated and the link to the actual job advertisement can take place.

The disadvantage of this variant, however, is that it can only be advertised on the desktop. A mobile display is currently not possible.

The new campaign goals now offer advertisers the opportunity to develop a more conceived and tailored marketing funnel strategy: starting with awareness goals in the top funnel, through consideration campaigns in the mid-funnel, to the conversion goals, which then focus on at the bottom of the marketing funnel, i.e. the so-called bottom funnel goals.

More updates

In other respects, too, LinkedIn is currently busy integrating new updates in the campaign manager. In the targeting area, the different categories of interests and people can no longer be linked with just an AND operator, but also an OR operator. In addition, target groups can now be narrowed down further and people can be excluded who do not meet the selected criteria.

The ad formats are also continuously adapted. For example, vertical videos or videos in 1: 1 format can be shared. With the Conversational Ad extension for the Message Ad format, users who receive the corresponding message in their mailbox can also interact with them themselves. However, there is no chat bot for this yet.


LinkedIn continues to make strides in developing its campaign manager. Although the advertising manager of Facebook is still a step ahead in terms of its functions, a continuous improvement process is taking place. In particular, thanks to the granular targeting options in connection with the new campaign target applicant, LinkedIn is the ideal contact point for recruiters to attract new specialists for the company. However, it would be important to push mobile display even more in the future.

Author: Ronny Döhmer

Date: October 23, 2019

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