Which bowling alleys are the biggest challenges

Chronicle of the bowling department of ESV Lokomotive Zwickau e. V.

When about 30 railway workers interested in sports met on March 11, 1947 and founded the company sports association Reichsbahn, Emil Trautner was one of them. He was a bowler and so bowling was the first sporting community to be born in addition to football and gymnastics. Only years later, when the Lokomotive sports association was established in 1950, did the Reichsbahn sports group become the Lokomotive Zwickau company sports association.

There was not yet a separate bowling alley, as four resettled families found a temporary home in the building built in 1936 at the end of the Second World War. It was not until 1952 that two lanes were made available to the bowlers again after a thorough reconstruction and extensive renovation. Training and matches were now possible on the 2-lane facility.

The fate of the section, later the bowling department, has been directed by the following sports fans:

Arno Lindner, Rudi Schönherr, Manfred Tauber, Horst Näser, Andreas Naatz, Manfred Bergmann and Klaus Reul.

In the past few years, you could rely on the sports fans, who, with their dedication, provided many hours of personal work on and around the bowling alley. Only in this way was and is it possible that the bowling sports facility has become a real jewel box. This was confirmed by the many competitive and recreational athletes who competed with us in recent years.

From 1958 on, two men's teams and one women's team took part in the competition. The high point of this development was in the early 1960s, when there were five men's and two women's teams. The youth work was intensified in 1970. This was where Adolf Lässig stood out, who was subsequently supported or replaced by sports fans Näser and Dietrich. After a short stagnation, from 1984 Manfred Tauber devoted himself again to attracting young bowlers. Some of the athletes trained at the time are still active today in our locomotive teams or in other higher-class clubs.

From 1963 on, the first men's team played in the district class and won the season several times, but without making it to the next higher class. That era ended in 1996. With good performances, the jump into the district class was made again. It went up and down in the years until it was firmly established and in the year of the 2014/15 season with the relay victory, the promotion to the 1st district class 120 litter succeeded.

One of the biggest challenges for the bowlers was the major renovation in 1966. Walls were broken out, windows and doors were relocated and the entrance was redesigned at great expense. A changing room, washing facilities and decent toilets were created. At that time ten to fifteen members were present every day to carry out the work. The measures were generously supported by the sponsoring company - RAW Zwickau.

Other large-scale operations were, for example, the application of new asphalt. From Friday 5 p.m. to Saturday morning 9 a.m., 12 members were around the clock hauling hot buckets of tar to pave the new asphalt. But the members could also be relied on for other work. This includes when the bowling alley got an automatic system in the early 1990s and no longer had to be set up by hand. The asphalt gave way to the plastic and immense work was always necessary. Sports fans put thousands of hours into maintaining “their” sports facility as what makes its sense, to be a meeting place for sports, to be sociable and recharge your batteries. For this purpose, work is carried out, improvements are made and everything is done for comprehensive maintenance.

After almost 25 years, the Spieth automatic system, which was no longer "fresh" when it was installed in 1991, gave up its service in late 2014. In order to keep betting operations going, action had to be taken quickly. Therefore, in mid-January 2015, members of the department expanded the old automatic system, which must have been over 40 years old, and the Möckel company installed a Schmid automatic system. Thus, the year of the competition on our tracks was saved and the bowling facility was kept alive thanks to the efforts of the ESV Lokomotive Zwickau e.V.

This also provides the basis for continuing the many successful series of games to which the bowlers of our teams can refer. In the district and in the district, the good results indicate the level of performance of the athletes in our bowling department. So it is not surprising that there are many invitations to comparative competitions or national competitions or in selection teams.

In the 2015/16 season the 1st team competes in the 1st district class 120 litter. The 2nd team in the district league of the Spielunion Werdau / Zwickau, in which female players are also integrated, as their number is not sufficient for an all-women team.