What makes a bamboo stick not work

What types of styles would work on a Microsoft Surface?

Pen input isn't available on Surface tablet running Windows RT.

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As Karan pointed out in his reply, there is conflicting information on the Microsoft website, and other sources indicate that there are no pens available for this.

In my experience, capacitive pens tend to be more like a replacement for your finger than a replacement for a stylus. But I can't speak to the specific implementation of the interface.

Since you mention you have a Wacom tablet, here's a bamboo pen of yours that "should only work".

This is not a product advertisement; there should be enough others offered by many other companies to choose from, none of which I have tried personally.

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It will be available on the surface that is running Windows 8 Pro, which I think should be released sometime in 2013.

The second link specifically lists:

Pen input :: Pen input and pen (included)

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This pen (with Surface Pro) is apparently of the digitizer variant (similar to your mentioned Wacom), which should have the functions and resolution similar to what you are used to with your Wacom.

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