Will Colombia ever host the Olympic Games?

Lucuix: "I can't wait for the debut"

Favorites, experiences, pressure and the fun factor
There is a reason for that. In the country of the reigning world champion, young Olympic players will be confronted with the situation of being among the favorites without ever having played under such conditions. "These ten guys are privileged. They play for their country, in their country, their friends are in the stands and the sport is Olympic for the first time ... it's difficult."

"You see their faces during training and in competition. You know which players are a little more burdened by the situation and which are less. We try to talk to them, guide them, understand them and create an atmosphere in which the fun factor prevails, not the obligation to achieve something with our work. We do not ask for more. "

Lucuix is ​​convinced of the work with this generation, which began two years ago when he was himself an assistant to Diego Giustozzi. His predecessor led Argentina to the world title in Colombia in 2016. Thanks to this work, he hopes to turn the difficulties into strength.

"We've played a lot of different tournaments, played a lot of games and traveled a lot. The guys competed against players of their age group and older players, in Europe and South America ... We tried to give you some experience along the way So that they don't play in the national jersey for the first time. There are guys who have already played 15 or 20 games for Argentina. We have players in the senior team who can't say that. We want them from the pressure and make him work for her, not against her. "

When asked about the strongest opponents, he doesn't hesitate. "Brazil, Russia and Iran are very strong teams that are also out for gold," he explains. Although the main aim of the tournament for him is to offer "entertaining games", he cannot hide the fact that he is also thinking about October 18th, when the gold medal will be decided. "I hope we can contest this final. That would be a longed-for moment for the boys, for us and also for Argentine sport."

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