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Identify and recognize falcons

Here you can learn a lot about the European falcons (Falco). There are many different hawks in the world. On this falcon page you will find a lot about the behavior, the difference between the largest falcon and the smallest falcon that can be seen in Germany. Some falcons can only be seen as winter guests (migrants) here in Germany. On my falcon pages I report on my own observations in nature and in the city and I also take pictures of the falcons in their habitat. Where and when do falcons breed? You will also find pictures of the smallest and the fastest falcon here.

Images of the appearance and identification of falcon species

On my pages you can see many photos of falcon chicks, of the breeding grounds, of the falcon rearing, of the hunting behavior, of the way of life of the falcons, the nesting aids, the courtship, the hunting of the individual falcon species. What does a falcon look like? What do hawks eat? What kind of prey does a falcon strike? Occurrence, hunting behavior and speeds of falcons. Do you want to know the name of the little falcon in the first picture, then take a look at my falcon articles. If you want to determine the bird species falcon, then take a look at the numerous photos.

Images / specialty: Young falcon over the city in Hamburg

Do hawks belong to the migratory birds? Hawks are very common around the world. There are over thirty species of falcon. My observations about falcons are limited to our native falcon species and the falcons that you can see as a winter guest here in northern Germany. Hawks have always played a huge role in humans. I just say the Merlin.

The smallest falcon in Germany / Europe

Images / appearance: Identify and recognize the Merlin bird species

On my falcon pages you can find out how the young falcons in Hamburg get along with each other. In addition, you will find a small profile about how the falcon hunts pigeons, about rituals, about the number of eggs, age, size, about the courtship and the mating season, about reproduction, about the nosedive, the breeding season, the breeding behavior, the Way of life, the characteristics, the hunting behavior and about the habitat of the different falcons (birds of prey) on each side.

Image of the falcon species - R├Âtelfalke

What enemies does the falcon have, what do falcons eat and what about illegal persecution. For more on the subject of illegal persecution, see Birds of prey persecution or Birds' enemies. My numerous falcon observations are also accompanied by many pictures. The falcons in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Bremen and Lower Saxony continue to spread every year. Are you looking for more griffins and owls, then visit my page: Birds of prey and owls.

Image zu Falkenarten - Hoopoe attacks Saker Falcons / Sacking Falcons

The various Falken pages are very popular for projects in kindergarten, high school, university and school for lectures in biology, in zoology, in specialist classes, for species profiles, for worksheets and for presentations in biology classes. Here you will find key points, characteristics and special features for your profile template (elementary school, secondary school, high school) about birds. There are extra bird pages for preschool and elementary school, e.g. chick pictures or bird portraits. My page, Falken / Falkenarten is also used to study for the hunter test in Germany.
If you want to learn something about the subject of ornithology - knowledge of birds, visit my page: What do birds know. More on the subject under intelligent crow. At the bottom of the page you will always find a list of other bird watching. Now have fun on my falcon documentaries.

Pictures / special features: Falcon pictures from their habitat in Hamburg

List and information about all falcon species

Here you will find all the data, characteristics, special features, key points and differences of the falcons that you need to recognize and identify. There are over 36 species of falcon worldwide. With the help of pictures you can quickly distinguish the falcon species from each other.

I am often asked: "I found a hawk, what should I do?" You can find the answer under Frequently Asked Questions, Vogel found - What to do?

Also have fun on my pages, such as the topic of birds, sea eagle protection Hamburg or questions from the world of birds. You can be curious what you will soon see on my new page peregrine falcons on the hunt.

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Observations, photographs, bird pictures and author: Gerhard Brodowski Hamburg