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Title: Urban development changes in the area of ​​the Pomerium and the Porta Vesuvio under the influence of the construction of the long-distance water supply in Pompeii
Author (s): OHLIG, C.
Journal: BABESH
Volume: 79    Date: 2004   
Pages: 75-109
DOI: 10.2143 / BAB.79.0.504737

As part of a restructuring of his navy, Augustus had a port built in Misenum at the tip of the Gulf of Naples, which was supplied by a newly built aqueduct. It opened up the headwaters of Serino in the Apennines, more than 90 km away from Misenum, and because the water pipe to Pompeii was understood as a derivation from this Serino pipe, its construction was also dated Augustan.

In fact, however, the Pompeii water supply system was already built in the Sullan era, and beyond that, the full extent of the associated construction work has so far remained in the dark: In addition to the actual supply facilities, large areas of land were filled in the area of ​​the outer Pomerium, the Porta Vesuvio became strong changed and the inner Pomerialstraße to the west was given up as a driveway, rebuilt and built over. In the following article, these three construction measures are presented both individually and in their internal connection with the construction of the water supply system and the evidence for dating to the Sullan period is discussed.

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