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Mr. Honey's Medium Business Dictionary (English-German) by Honig, Winfried

Mr Honey's Medium Business Dictionary (English-German) (C) 2001, 2002 by Winfried Honig

This is a work in progress dictionary of phrases commonly used.

This book contains English and equivalent German phrases. We are releasing two versions of this book, sorted for the English reader and sorted for the German reader.

This book was kindly made available to us by the author. This book was generously donated to us by the author.

------------------ Acknowledgment:

In the 1970s Winfried Honig, known as Mr Honey, started compiling and computerizing English / German dictionaries, partly to provide his colleagues and students with samples of the language of business, partly to collect convincing material for his State Department of Education to illustrate the need for special dictionaries covering the special language used in different branches of the industry.

In 1997 Mr Honey began to feed his wordlists into the LEO Online Dictionary http://dict.leo.org of the Technische Universit√§t M√ľnchen, and in 2000 into the DicData Online Dictionary http://www.dicdata.de

While more than 500,000 daily visitors use the online versions, CD-ROM versions are available, see: http://www.leo.org/dict/cd_en.html http://www.dicdata.de http: // mrhoney. purespace.de/latest.htm Mr. Honey would be pleased to answer questions sent to [email protected]

Permission granted to use the word lists, on condition that links to the sites of LEO, DICDATA and MR HONEY are maintained.

Mr Honey's services are non-commercial to promote the language of business both in English and in German .-------------------

History and Philosophy

The beginnings of this dictionary go back to the time when England wanted to join the European Community.

In a joint effort by the BBC, British Council, the Dept. of Educ. and the OUP thought about how to teach business English to the next generation of leaders on the continent.

As one of the few lecturers teaching business English in London at the time, I came into contact with the project.

Since at the time I had to choose a career in data processing or as a university lecturer in business English, I chose a combination of both.

As a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences, I made the use of multimedia to convey useful business English my job.

Word lists and dictionaries were developed from practical work for the requirements of various seminars, focal points and target groups.

Grown up and trained in the practical mindset of A.S. Hornby, a Fellow of University College London, I attached particular importance to the large number of useful application examples.

The indexed sequential word lists of the compact versions, - differently and in my opinion even better - the large sequential word lists of the CD-ROM versions with the gradual to global search in the word and example lists, enable optimal linguistic orientation in one extensive economic vocabulary.

In doing so, I see new ways and possibilities of acquiring and dealing with the technical language.

Probably there is much more to offer here than can be imagined in the first impression. It should be playful to learn easier, faster and more intensively.

Due to the large number of associations, a high level of technical language competence should develop faster than before.


10 per cent less than the amount 10 percent less than the amount

10 per cent more than the amount 10 percent more than the amount

30 day's notice monthly notice period


A1 at Lloyd's first class

Act of God Force Majeure

Act of Parliament law

Act of Parliament Law passed by Parliament

a CIF supplier a supplier under CIF conditions

a choice of products an offer; a selection of products

a clean into an unclean B / L a clean into an unclean bill of lading

a clean negotiable B / L a pure negotiable bill of lading

a clean transport document a pure transport document

a clear agreement

a clear ruling of precise rules

a compromise is normally agreed a compromise is usually found

a copy of this latter document a copy of this latter document

a court will refuse to a court will refuse

a defective condition

a defective condition of the goods

a defective condition of the packaging

a deferred payment undertaking Deferred payment obligation

a definite interest clause

a definite understanding to pay

a detailed record is a detailed list

a difficult job activity

a dividend has been declared

a document of commercial character

a document of financial character

a dollar a dozen a dollar for the dozen

a fair premium an appropriate premium

a falsified document

a few centrally located banks

a higher price can be charged a higher price may be charged

a judicial authority a judicial authority

a kind of advertising a type of advertising

a load less than a wagon one load less than a wagon load

a luxory we cannot afford a luxury; that we cannot afford

a major contribution

a matter of discretion is a matter of discretion

a matter of relative importance

a means of a means to

a named carrier a named carrier

a named vessel

a period of fifteen days a period of two weeks

a period within which a period within which

a point of law is a question of law

a printed clause a printed clause

a range of products

a rapid turnover of merchandise

a reasonable amount of assistance Appropriate assistance

a regulation is applicable a regulation is applicable

a request for settlement by amicable arran

a request in writing a written request

a required right an acquired right

a requirement in a credit

a respectable bank a respected bank

a rogue a villain

a series of acts a series of acts

a set of rules for a set of rules for

a sizable income a sizable income

a specified period of time

a statement in writing

a steady flow of goods steadily

a sufficient weight

a suitable offer

a superimposed clause an added clause

a superimposed notation an added annotation

a tolerance of 5% less will be permissible

a tolerance of 5% more will be permissible

a useful way; Kind; wise

a wagon of suitable size

a wagon of suitable type

a wagonload lot a full wagonload

a wholesaler breaks bulk a wholesaler packs goods smaller

a wide circle of a wide circle of

a wide variety of goods

abandon abandon

abandon abandon

abandon a business giving up a business

abandon a plan abandon a plan

abandon a policy abandon a policy

abandon a position

abandon a project abandon a project

abandon a scheme abandon a project

abandon a security forego security

abandon a ship abandon a ship

abandon an adventure give up an adventure

abandon an enterprise giving up a company

abandon an option to give up an option

abandon one's family leaving one's family

abandon one's wife leaving one's wife

abandon the gold standard abandon the gold standard

abandoned goods abandoned goods

abandonee the one; to whom a commodity is left

abandonment assignment; Surrender

abandonment clause Insurance clause for abandonment

abandonment of a project abandonment of a project

abandonment of a ship abandonment of a ship

abandonment of action withdrawal

abandonment of an action discontinuation of a lawsuit

abate decrease

abatement discount; estate

abatement invalidation; Crackdown

abatement of a debt relief

abatement of the purchase price discount; Reduction of the purchase price

abattoir slaughterhouse

abbreviate a text shorten a text

abbreviated address Short address

abbreviation abbreviation

abbreviation of a text Abbreviation of a text

abducted against her wants to be kidnapped against her will

abduction kidnapping

abduction of children child abduction

abetment incitement

abetting bars of aid; Providing feed

abeyance limbo; rounded

abide by a contract adhere to a contract

abide by a decision stick to a decision

abide by the law abide by the law

abide by the regulation adhere to the regulation

abide by the rules stick to the rules

abiding by a contract true to the contract

ability ability

ability test Skill test

ability to earn a livelihood ability to earn a living

ability to earn one's livelihood

ability to pay solvency

ability to work

able to

able to work

able to be reproduced

able to earn one's living able to work

able to pay solvent

able to pay

able to work

abnormally illegal; unusual

abnormal time extraordinary time

abnormality deviation

aboard on board

aboard a ship on board a ship

aboard an aircraft on board an aircraft

abode residence

abolish abolish

abolishment repeal

abolition of private property Abolition of private property

abolition of restrictions Abolition of restrictions

abolition of slave trade Abolition of the slave trade

abolition of slave work Abolition of slavery

abolition of tariff walls Abolition of customs barriers

abound be in abundance

above capacity over capacity

above capacity employment overemployment

above par above par

above par about par

above par over par

above quotation above course

above value over value

above-mentioned above

above-mentioned company above-mentioned company

above-named above

abrasion of coin Wear and tear on a coin

abridge a book to summarize a book

abridgement of a book Abstract of a book

abroad abroad

abrupt rise sudden rise

abscissa X-axis

abscond to run away

absence absence

absence card absence card

absence from duty

absence of authority

absence of seven years seven-year absence

absence rate absence rate

absence without leave unauthorized absence

absence without permission

absent absent

absent from duty

absent without leave absent without permission


absentee absentee

absentee landlord absent landlord

absenteeism absence from work

absenteeism stay away; Absence

absenteeism unexcused absenteeism

absenteeism rate Absence in percent

absolute unlimited

absolute advantage absolute advantage

absolute bill of sale absolute transfer

absolute deviation absolute deviation

absolute error absolute error

absolute interest sole ownership

absolute liability full liability

absolute monopoly absolute monopoly

absolute monopoly pure monopoly

absolute number absolute number

absolute ownership absolute ownership

absolute privilege absolute prerogative

absolute property unrestricted ownership

absolute value absolute value

absolutely safe bulletproof

absolve deliver

absolve acquittal


absorbed burden transferred loads

absorbed burden offset overheads

absorbent paper suction mail

absorbing capacity

absorption costing apportionment of costs

absorption of buying power absorption of purchasing power

absorption of costs Assumption of costs

absorption point saturation point

absorption power capacity

abstain from holding back

abstinence celibacy

abstinence reluctance

abstract summary; Overview

abstract summary


Put abstract on the page

abstract in focus; short version

abstract of a book Excerpt from a book

abstract of title Land register extract

abstraction theft

abundance abundance

abundance of capital Capital abundance

abundance of funds Abundance of funds

abundance of labor Labor abundance

abundance of money excess of money

abundantly in abundance

abundantly abundant

abuse abuse

abuse of authority abuse of authority; of discretion

abuse of discretion

abuse of office misconduct

abuse of office abuse of authority; of discretion

abuse of power abuse of authority; of discretion

abuse of power abuse of power

accelerate accelerate

accelerated depreciation

accelerated depreciation accelerated depreciation

accelerating incentive reward as an incentive to increase performance

accelerating incentive progressive performance wages

acceleration acceleration

acceleration clause requires immediate payment

accelerator accelerator

accept accept

accept accept; accept

accept a bill accept a bill of exchange

accept a bill for discount accept bills to discount

accept a compromise

accept a proposal

accept a risk take a risk

accept as payment

accept as pledge as a pledge

accept funds accept money

accept in blank

accept in blank in blank

accept liability

accept on presentation on presentation

accept the documents

acceptable acceptable

acceptable as collateral loanable

acceptable as collateral bombardable

acceptable quality acceptable quality

acceptable quality level acceptable quality

acceptable to the buyer acceptable to the buyer

acceptable to the seller acceptable to the seller


acceptance acceptance

acceptance acceptance

acceptance consent; adoption

acceptance change acceptance

acceptance against documents acceptance against documents

acceptance credit acceptance credit

acceptance for honor Honorary acceptance

acceptance for shipment Acceptance for shipment

acceptance house bank specialized in acceptance of bills of exchange (Br.)

acceptance in blank blank acceptance

acceptance in blank blank acceptance

acceptance in case of need emergency acceptance

acceptance is to be made Acceptance should be provided

acceptance of a bill of exchange

acceptance of a draft bill of exchange

acceptance of a product Market acceptance of a product

acceptance of a service Acceptance of a service

acceptance of a tender surcharge

acceptance of goods acceptance of goods

acceptance of offer Acceptance of the offer

acceptance of responsibility

acceptance on presentation Acceptance on presentation

acceptance supra protest Acceptance after the bill protest

accepted bill acceptance

accepted bill acceptance; accepted bill of exchange

accepted bill bill of exchange

accepting bank accepting bank

accepting house acceptance bank (Br.)

accepting house acceptance bank

acceptor acceptor

acceptor acceptor

acceptor's ledger acceptance book


access time Access time

access to markets Access to markets

access to the files Access to the files

access to the records Access to the awards

accessary before the fact

accessibility accessibility

accessible accessible

accession access

accession increment

accession of wealth increase in wealth

accession rate growth rate

accession to the raw materials Access to the raw materials

accession to the resources Access to the resources

accessory accomplice

accessory advertising accompanying advertising

accessory after the fact helper after the crime

accident accident

accident analysis Cause analysis

accident annuity accident annuity

accident benefit

accident benefit accident pension

accident cause cause of accident

accident frequency rate Accident frequency rate

accident hazard

accident insurance accident insurance

accident prevention

accident prone to accidents

accident prone employee Workers prone to accidents

accident proneness Accident tendency

accident rate accident rate

accident rate accident rate; Accident rate; Accident rate

accident risk risk of accident; Accident risk

accident sensitive prone to failure

accidental caused by accident

accidental accidental

accidental circumstances

accidental error Random error

accidental sampling random sampling

acclamation consent by acclamation

acclimatize acclimatize

accommodation accommodating

accommodation acceptance

accommodation address deck address

accommodation address address of convenience

accommodation bill draft of favors

accommodation endorsement Endorsement of favor

accommodation facilities; accommodation

accommodation road access road

accommodation unit accommodation unit

accommodate accommodating


accommodation acceptance maturity acceptance

accommodation allowance

accommodation bill draft of favors

accompanied by accompanied by

accompanied by commercial documents accompanied by commercial documents

accompanied by financial documents accompanied by payment papers

accompanied luggage personal luggage

accompany accompany

accompanying documents

accompanying letter accompanying letter

accompanying papers

accomplice accomplice

accomplish accomplish; complete; to reach

accomplish accomplish

accomplished open deed accomplished

accomplishment accomplishment

accord convention

accord match

accord and satisfaction compares to fulfillment

accordance agreement

according to according to

according to loud

according to agreement as agreed

according to circumstances depending on the circumstances

according to circumstances according to the circumstances

according to contract in accordance with the contract

according to custom as usual; customary

according to custom and usage

according to custom and usance according to custom; according to the custom

according to instructions according to the instructions

according to instructions as instructed

according to law

according to orders according to the order; following the instructions

according to plan following the plan

according to plan according to plan

according to specification according to exact technical information

according to the collection order according to the collection order

according to the directions according to the instructions

according to the law according to the law; according to the law

according to this term according to this clause

account account

account book account book

account current current account

account day Billing day

account executive (in advertising agency) account manager

account executive account manager of the advertising agency

account for foreign citizens

account number Account number

account of charges billing

account of charges expense report

account of exchange bill of exchange

account of goods purchased purchase invoice; Goods purchase account

account of proceeds revenue account

account of settlement final invoice

account payee account of the beneficiary

account payee only to the account of the beneficiary

account payee only only for the account of the beneficiary

account purchases Purchase invoice from the commission agent

account sales sales statement

account sales Sales statement of the commission agent

account turnover Account turnover

accountability accountability

accountable accountable

accountancy accounting

accountant bookkeeper

accountant accountant; Account manager

accounting bookkeeping

accounting department accounting

accounting for services service accounting

accounting machine accounting machine

accounting period

accounting practice Accounting practice

accounting principles

accounting procedure Accounting procedure

accounting transaction booking

accounting year

accounts clerk accountants

accounts payable vendors; liabilities

accounts payable accounts payable; Debit items

accounts payable liabilities

accounts receivable debtors; requirements

accounts receivable claims

accredited advertising agency recognized advertising agency

accretion increase

accrual growth

accruals accrued costs


accrue grow

accrued accrued

accrued accrued

accrued charges accrued charges

accrued interest accrued interest

accrued liabilities

accruing debts outstanding debts

accumulate accumulate

accumulate; accumulate; accumulate

accumulate piling up

accumulated advertising effectiveness intensified advertising effectiveness

accumulated amount accumulated amount

accumulated capital accumulated capital

accumulated demand

accumulated dividends accumulated dividends

accumulated interest

accumulation accumulation

accumulation of a reserve formation of reserves

accumulation of capital

accumulation of capital wealth creation

accumulation of risk

accumulative cumulative

accuracy accuracy

accuracy of a document Accuracy of a document

accuracy of forecast Accuracy of forecast

accuracy of measurement measurement accuracy

accuracy of observation Accuracy of observation

accurate exactly

accusatio charge

accuse accuse

accused defendant


achievement achievement

achievement test achievement test

achnowledgement of order confirmation of order

acid ratio test Assessment of creditworthiness

acid test hard test

acid test strict testing

acknowledge confirm receipt

Acknowledge acknowledge

acknowledgment acknowledgment of receipt

acknowledgment of acceptance; Receipt

acknowledgment of debt acknowledgment of debt

acknowledgment of indebtedness acknowledgment of debt

acknowledgment of order order confirmation

acknowledgment of receipt

acquaintance acquaintance

acquainted with known


acquiescence consent

acquire by purchase

acquire customers

acquirement acquisition

acquisition acquisition; Acquisition

acquisition acquisition

acquisition of data Acquisition of data

acquisition of information information acquisition

acquisition of ownership

acquisition of property

acquisition of territory territory acquisition

acquisition of title acquisition of rights

acquisition value acquisition value

acquisitive interested in acquisition

act act

act act; Plot; law

act illegally

act of bankruptcy bankruptcy offense

act of bankruptcy bankruptcy

act of courtesy courtesy

act of grace

act of grace act of grace

act of protest protest recording

act of purchase purchase act

act of sale act of sale

act of swearing taking the oath

act of transfer assignment

act of was an act of war

act unlawfully

acting executive

acting at the request of a customer at the request of a customer

acting director managing director

acting on the instruction of a customer according to the instructions of a customer

action plot

action for an injunction Application for an injunction.

action for an injunction injunction

action for damages action for damages

action for infringement of a patent lawsuit for patent infringement

action for injunction injunction

action for non-payment action for non-payment

action for slander libel suit

action for support maintenance action

action on a bill bill of exchange action

activate activate

activation of trade Activation of trades

active lively

active balance

active circulation circulation of notes

active competition lively competition

active debts outstanding accounts

active demand lively demand

active mnarket lively market

active opening lively opening

active partner active partner

active securities popular securities

active trade balance active trade balance

activity activity; plot

activity activity; Activity; Job; plot

activity duration Activity duration

activity duration Time required for the action

activity rate degree of employment

activity report Activity report

activity sampling Sampling procedures for activities

actual really

actual amount actual amount

actual attainment actual performance; Actual performance

actual balance effective inventory

actual cash value present value

actual costs actual costs

actual costs actual costs; Prime cost

actual demand actual demand

actual loss actual loss; real loss

actual market actual market

actual output performance actually achieved; Actual performance

actual price actual price

actual receipts actual receipts

actual seizure removal

actual time actually used time

actual time actually used time; Actual time

actual time actual time

actual total loss actual total loss

actual total loss actual total loss

actual value actual value

actual value actual value

actuarial actuarial statistics

actuarial calculation actuarial calculation

actuarial table actuarial table

actuary insurance professional

actuary actuary

ad ad

ad rate advertising pricing

ad valorem according to value

ad-page advertisement page

adapt adapt

adaptability adaptability; applicability

adaptability test applicability test

adaptable demand adaptable demand

adaptation adaptation

add add

add add; add

addendum addition

adding machine adding machine

addition surcharge

addition of a letter addition of a letter

addition of a word addition of a word

additional additionally

additional agreement side agreement

additional allowance additional grant

additional arrangement additional agreement

additional business additional business

additional charge surcharge

additional charges

additional clauses additional clauses

additional contract subsidiary contract

additional costs

additional discount special discount

additional dividend additional dividend

additional earnings

additional employee additional power

additional employment additional employment

additional expenditure additional expenditure

additional expenditure additional effort

additional expenses

additional income

additional income additional income

additional labor additional work

additional leave additional leave

additional payment back payment

additional payment additional payment

additional premium surcharge

additional provisions additional provisions

addition accessories

address address

address a meeting to a meeting

address book address book

address for delivery delivery address

address in case of need emergency address

address selection Address selection

address source Address source

addressed bill change of domicile

addressee recipient

addressee unknown recipient unknown

addressing addressing

addressing machine Addressing machine

additional charge; Surcharge

adequacy adequacy

adequacy of resources adequacy of resources

adequate adequate; sufficient

adequate accuracy

adequate answer adequate answer

adequate compensation adequate compensation

adequate information adequate information

adequate price reasonable price

adequate sample representative sample

adequate wages adequate wages

adequately supplied adequately supplied

adhere hold tight

adhere to a time limit

adherence to a time limit

adhesive stamp brand; Stamp mark

adhesive tape tape

adjacent bulding adjacent building; Outbuildings

adjoining adjacent

adjoining owners neighbors

adjourn to adjourn

adjourn a hearing adjourn a hearing

adjourn a meeting adjourn a meeting

adjournment of a meeting adjournment of a meeting; meeting

adjudicate judicial decision

adjust adjust; readjust; to adjust

adjust adjust; correct

adjust rules; regulate

adjust an account correct an account


adjustable shelves adjustable shelves

adjuster damage expert

adjustment setting; Reenactment; Adaptation

adjustment of damage settlement; Rectification

adjustment for seasonal variations

adjustment mechanism adjustment mechanism

adjustment of a claim settlement

adjustment of a difference Adjustment of a difference

adjustment of claims claims settlement

adjustment of data data adjustment

adjustment of differences Dispute resolution

adjustment of prices Adjustment of prices; Adjustment of courses

administer administer

administered price controlled price

administered price predetermined price

administration administration

administration costs administration costs

administration expenses Administrative expenses

administration of a business management

administration of an estate estate administration

administration of property asset management

administrative administrative

administrative agreement administrative agreement

administrative assistance

administrative building administrative building

administrative commission for conciliation

administrative costs administrative costs

administrative district administrative district

administrative expenses administrative expenses

administrative offense

administrative personnel administrative personnel

administrator executor

administrator asset manager

administrator administrator

administratrix asset manager

admissibility admissibility

admissible permissible

admission admission

admission fee Entry fee

admission of bonds Admission of bonds

admission of securities Admission of securities

admission of shares Admission of shares

admission temporaire import for contract processing

allow admit

admit a claim to acknowledge a claim

admittance admission

admittance approval

admitted age admitted age

admittedly admittedly

adopt; fix; accept

adopt a plan

adopt sth. accept something

adopt sth. as it stands take over something as it is unchanged

adult education adult education

falsify adult rates

adulterated drugs adulterated drugs or drugs

adulterated food adulterated food

adulterated wine

adulteration adulteration

adulteration of coinage coin adulteration

adulteration of wine wine adulteration

advance course gain

advance advance; advance

advance advance; loan

advance against documents advance against documents

advance against securities Lombard

advance against shipping documents Advance payment for shipping documents

advance announcement pre-announcement

advance copy sample copy

advance development advance development

advance financing pre-financing

advance freight advance freight costs

advance money advance money

advance money on securities

advance notice advance notice; Prior notice; warning

advance of royalties Advance of royalties

advance of salary salary advance

advance of wages wage advance

advance payment prepayment

advance publication preprint

advance upon mortgage borrowing from mortgages

advanced price increased price

advanced training advanced training

advanced training advanced training

advanced vocational training professional development

advancement advancement

advancing stocks rising stocks

advantage advantage

advantage of location advantage of location

advantageous advantageous

advantages of a location Advantages of a location

advanve against goods Lombard

adventure adventure; Companies; speculation

adventure risky business; speculation

adventurer adventurer; speculator

adversary opponents

adverse unfavorable

adverse adverse

adverse conditions adverse circumstances

advert advertisement


advertised announced; Applied

advertisement advertisement

advertisement canvasser advertiser; Advertisers

advertisement column advertisement column

advertisement rates ad rates

advertiser advertiser

advertising advertising

advertising activity advertising activity

advertising agency advertising agency

advertising appeal

advertising approach advertising approach

advertising budget advertising budget

advertising budget advertising budget

advertising campaign Advertising campaign

advertising consultant advertising consultant

advertising department advertising department

advertising director Director of the advertising department

advertising directory advertising address book

advertising discount advertising discount

advertising drive advertising campaign

advertising effect advertising effect

advertising effectiveness study advertising success control

advertising effort advertising effort

advertising expenditure advertising expenditure

advertising expenses advertising expenses

advertising function advertising function

advertising idea Advertising idea

advertising label advertising sticker

advertising manager Head of the advertising department

advertising media advertising media

advertising media advertising media; Advertising Materials

advertising medium advertising medium

advertising message advertising message

advertising motto advertising motto

advertising objectives advertising objectives

advertising point advertising argument

advertising psychology Advertising psychology

advertising schedule advertising schedule

advertising slogan advertising slogan

advertising space advertising space

advertising strategy Advertising strategy

advertising supplement advertising supplement

advertising support Advertising support

advertising text Advertising text

advice Avis; notification

advice advice

advice note Avis; Dispatch advice

advice of acceptance

advice of amendment notice of amendment

advice of arrival arrival notification; Notification of receipt

advice of arrival receipt

advice of collection debt collection notice

advice of deal execution notice

advice of delivery return receipt

advice of dispatch dispatch advice

advice of execution Notification of the execution of a trade

advice of fate notification (notification of payment etc.)

advice of loss loss notification

advice of negotiation notice of issue

advice of non-acceptance Notification of non-acceptance

advice of non-payment Notification of non-payment

advice of payment payment notification

advice of receipt notification of receipt

advices situation reports

advise advise; to advise

advised to a beneficiary advised a beneficiary

adviser advisor

advisor adviser

advisory advisory

advisory body advisory board

advisory committee

advisory council

advisory service advisory service

advocate advocate

affair matter

affect affect

affect adversely adversely

affected affected

affidavit affidavit

affiliate to join

affiliate merge

affiliated affiliated

affiliated bank branch bank

affiliated company

affiliated company sister company

affiliated with each other

affiliation affiliation

affiliation merger

affirm affirm; to confirm

affirmation confirmation; Affirmation

affirmation consent

affirmative affirmative

affirmative approving; affirmative

affix a label affix a label

affluence wealth

affluent abundantly

affluent rich

affluent society affluent society

affreight freight

affreightment contract of carriage

affreightment affreightment

afloat at sea

after careful consideration

after delivery after delivery

after having examined the case

after having examined the file

after having examined the records

after having heard the parties

after hours after closing time

after official hours after the end; after work

after-crop post-harvest

after-effect aftermath

after-effects aftermath

after-hour dealings after the market closes

after-image afterimage

after-sales service customer service

after-sight bill after-sight bill

after-tax earnings Profit after deduction of tax

after-tax earnings earnings after taxes

aftereffect aftereffect

against acceptance against acceptance

against all obligations against all obligations

against all responsibilities against all responsibilities

against all risks against all risks

against an indemnity against a guarantee

against orders contrary to regulations

against payment against payment

against receipt against receipt

against rules illegal

against stipulated documents against handover of prescribed documents

against the risk of damage against the risk of damage

against the risk of loss against the risk of the underhang

age admitted accepted age

age at entry Entry age

age at expiry end age

age class age group

age distribution age distribution; Age structure

age group age group

age of service seniority

age structure Age structure

aged population Proportion of the elderly in the population

aging aging

agency agency; Office

agency agreement agency agreement

agency agreement agency agreement

agency business Agency business

agency commission agency commission

agency district representative district

agency fee agency fee

agency of necessity Representation in an emergency without authorization

agenda agenda

agent representative; agent

agent of necessity agent without mandate in an emergency

agent of productivity productivity factor

agent's commission agency commission

agent's territory representative district

agglomeration agglomeration

aggravating circumstances aggravating circumstances

aggregate total

aggregate amount total amount

aggregate demand total demand

aggregate supply total supply

aggregation accumulation

aggression attack

aggressive aggressive

aggressiveness aggressiveness

aggressor attacker

aggrieved party aggrieved party

aging aging; To become old

agio agio; Premium; Currency exchange fee

agitate agitate

agitator agitator

agrarian country Agricultural land

agrarian policy agricultural policy

agrarian reform Agrarian reform

agree match

agree to agree

agree accounts reconcile accounts

agree tacitly tacitly agree

agreed price agreed price

agreement agreement

agreement contract

agreement between the parties Agreement of the parties

agreement of interest reconciliation of interests

agreement on the part of the bank Consent on the part of the bank

agreement to sell purchase agreement

agricultural area agricultural land

agricultural commodity market

agricultural cooperative society agricultural cooperative

agricultural economics

agricultural enterprise agricultural company

agricultural policy agricultural policy

agricultural population Population employed in agricultural labor

agriculturally used area agriculturally used area

agriculture agriculture

aid help

aid program auxiliary program

aid to memory reminder

aided recall reminder through reminder

aiding and abetting aiding and abetting the act

aim aim; aim

air cargo air freight

air cargo rate air freight rate

air conditioning

air edition Thin print edition of the newspaper

air hostess stewardess

air mail packing packed for airmail delivery

air parcel air parcel

air pocket air hole

air pollution air pollution

air terminal flight handling center with bus station

air traffic air traffic

air-mail envelope Airmail envelope

air-mail rate airmail rate

air-taxi Air taxi

aircraft plane

airfreight air freight

airfreighter transport plane

airlift air corridor

airline airline

airliner large passenger aircraft

airmail airmail

airmail letter airmail letter

airport of destination Destination airport

airport of entry customs airport

akin related

alias alias; otherwise called; known as

alibi alibi

alien foreigners

alien employee guest worker; Foreign workers

alien population foreign population

alienable alienable

alienate alienate

alienation alienation

alienator transferor

alientation coefficient alienation coefficient

align align

align coordinate

alignment chart nomogram; Ladder board

alimony alimony

all advice or information all reports or messages

all chattels staff all personal property

all disputes arising all disputes arising

all documents sent for collection all documents sent for collection

all monetary obstacles should be removed

all other stipulations of the credit all other stipulations of the credit

all our money is in this bank all our money is in this bank

all parties concerned all parties involved

all risks whatsoever all possible risks

all subsequent movements of the goods

all-purpose all-purpose

all-round universal

all-time peak absolute high

all-up airmail airmail delivery of normal mail

alleged allegedly

allied allied

allocate allocate

allocate allocate

allocation budget

allocation allocation; allocation

allocation allocation

allocation of expense overhead allocation

allocation of foreign exchange currency allocation

allocation of funds provision of funds; allocation

allocation of funds Provision of funds

allocation of manpower Allocation of manpower

allocation of responsibility transfer of responsibility

allonge allonge; Attachment to a bill of exchange

allonge extension piece on change

assign allot

Allocate allot shares

allotment assigned part of the whole

allotment allotment

allotment assignment; allocated area

allotment note Allocation slip

allotment of profit distribution of profit

allotment of shares Allocation of shares

allottee shareholders

allottee subscribers to whom shares are allocated

allow allow

allow a discount

allow an application to approve an application

allow for sth. take something into account

allow inspection

allowable allowed

allowance permission

allowance grant; grant

allowance surcharge for the time limit

allowance for advertising Discount for advertising

allowance for children child allowance

allowance for expenses

allowance for personal needs Allowance for personal needs

allowance for recovery

allowance for removal Allowance for removal

allowed time granted time limit; Time norm

allowed time default time; Chord time; allowable time

allowed time allotted time

allowed time allowed time; given time

allowed time allotted time

allround man all-rounder

alongside ship alongside

alongside the vessel alongside the ship

alphabetical classification alphabetical order

alphabetical filing alphabetical filing

alphabetical index alphabetical directory

change age

alteration change; amendment

alteration of entry Change to the booking

altering circumstances

alternate alternately

alternate demand alternative coverage good

alternate deposit deposit with multiple drawing authorization

alternate standard Time specification for alternative procedures

alternating operation Alternating operation

alternative alternative

alternative costs replacement value

alternative forecast Alternative forecast

alternative hypothesis alternative hypothesis

always to use always to use

amalgamate merge

amalgamation amalgamation

amalgamation of business amalgamation of companies

amass a fortune to amass a fortune

ambidextrous ambidextrous sent with both hands

ambiguity ambiguity

ambiguous question ambiguous question

ambitious programs ambitious program

ambulatory roving

amend amend

amendment improvement

amendment of a claim amendment of a claim; a lawsuit

amendment of judgment

amendments additions

in the evening making amends

amenities similarities

amenity value amenity value

amicable agreement comparison in goodness; amicable comparison

amicable arrangement out of court settlement

amortization amortization

amortization fund redemption reserve

amortization of a mortgage Amortization of a mortgage

amortization payment amortization payment

amortize amortize

amortize amortize

amount amount

amount of a claim Amount of a claim

amount of an invoice invoice amount

amount of annuity annuity

amount of balance balance amount

amount of bill change amount

amount of damages amount of damages; Worth damaging

amount of depreciation Amortization

amount of draft bill of exchange amount

amount of indemnification compensation amount

amount of indemnification amount of compensation

amount of interest interest amount

amount of investment investment amount

amount of money amount of money

amount of money invested Amount of the investment

amount of premium premium amount

amount of security Amount of security

amount of space available area

amount of subscription Subscription amount

amount of turnover

amount overdrawn Amount of the account overdrawn

amount overdrawn amount overdrawn

amounting to amounting

amounting to in the amount of; amounting to

amounts collected

ampersand & sign

ample plentiful

ample means ample resources

ample security ample security

amusement pleasure

amusement tax amusement tax

an absolutely definite ruling an absolutely decisive rule

Standard guidelines accepted an accepted standard

an account with an account at

an agreement to the contrary

an amendment to the credit

an attempt at conciliation

an attempt to include an attempt to include

an entirely unforeseen result completely unexpected consequences

an ever increasing number

an example is an example of this

an exceptional offer an exceptional offer

an indication of the rate of interest an indication of the interest rate

an individual contract is a single contract

an instruction to collect interest an instruction to collect interest

an international organization for an international organization for

an isurable interest in the goods

an item of written comment for an opinion

an order

an unconditional interest clause is an unconditional interest clause

an undertaking by the nominated bank an obligation of the nominated bank

to undertaking of the bank a promise made by the bank

an undertaking to accept an obligation to accept

an undertaking to negotiate an obligation to negotiate

to undertake to pay an obligation

analogue representation Analog representation

analyzes analyzes

analyzing of quality Quality analysis

analysis analysis

analysis card analysis card

analysis department Financial analysis department

analysis of profitability profitability analysis

analysis of stability stability analysis

analysis of trends Trend analysis

analyst analyst

analytical study analytical investigation

analyze analyze

analyzer analysis program

anchorage anchor fee

ancillary document subsidiary document

ancillary subordinate

ancillary industry subcontracting industry

and not at the ship's rail and not when crossing the railing

and / or and / or

and / or taxes and / or taxes

stimulate animate

animated cartoon animation film

animation among buyers desire to buy

annex attachment

annexed enclosed

anniversary publication Anniversary publication

annotation explanation; annotation


announce; to announce

announcement ad; Announcement; announcement

annual annually

annual accounts year-end accounts

annual amount annual amount

annual assembly

annual audit of the annual financial statements

annual balance sheet

annual bonus annual bonus

annual contingent Annual contingent

annual costs annual expenses

annual discount annual rebate

annual earnings

annual estimate

annual expenditure annual expenditure

annual general meeting

annual growth annual growth rate

annual income Annual income

annual leave annual leave

annual list annual list; Annual directory

annual meeting annual meeting

annual output annual production

annual production

annual profit annual profit

annual report Annual report

annual return

annual return Annual report to the commercial court

annual return annual report

annual sales annual sales

annual subscription annual subscription; Annual subscription

annuity annuity

annuity annual payment

annuity annuity

annuity bank Rentenbank

annuity certificate pension letter

annuity payment annuity payment

annulment declaration of invalidity

annulment of a marriage

answer box answer box

answerable responsible

ante before

Antedate predate

anti-cyclical economic policy anti-cyclical economic policy

anti-dumping duty anti-dumping duty

anti-dumping policy anti-dumping policy

anti-inflationary anti-inflationary

anti-trust laws anti-trust laws

anti-trust legislation Anti-trust legislation

anti-working-class anti-worker

anticipate anticipate

anticipated cost expected costs

anticipated demand expected demand

anticipated price expected price

anticipated prices expected prices

anticipated profit expected profit

anticipation anticipation; Forecast

anticipation anticipation

anticipatory anticipatory

any bank any bank

any bank of his own choice any bank of his own choice

any bank; other than any bank; with the ecxeption of

any business dispute any business dispute

any charges all charges; any fees

any charges incurred by banks all charges; that arise for the banks

any cost increases any cost increases

any costs all costs; any costs

any discrepancies in the documents

any document of transport all transport documents

any documents any documents

any exchange control authorization

any expenses any expenses

any expenses incurred by banks that arise for the banks

any or all of which individually or in total

any other drawee another drawee

any other duties and taxes

any other expenses

any other person any other person

any reference whatsoever any reference

any such notice such notification

anything provided in the rules whatever is provided in the rules

apartment building block of flats

apologize apologize

apology sorry

apparent damage obvious damage

apparent heir alleged heir

apparent value apparent value

appeal incentive



appeal court appeals court

appear to appear; appear

appear on the agenda appear on the agenda

appear to be

appear to be as listed seem to correspond to the listing

appearance outward appearance

add append

appendix appendix

appeptance of a proposal Acceptance of a proposal

appetizing appeal appetizing stimulus

appliance device

applicability applicability

applicable applicable

applicable regulations

applicant applicant; Applicants; Illustrator

applicant applicant

applicant for insurance applicant for insurance

application application of principles or procedures

application application

application application; application

application use; application

application documents Application documents

application fee application fee

application for a job job application

application for a letter of credit application

application for a loan loan application

application for admission application for admission

application for an employment application for a position; Job application

application for membership registration

application for official quotation Application for admission to the stock exchange (Br.)

application for payment payment request

application for quotation Application for admission to the stock exchange (Br.)

application for shares Application for the allocation of shares

application form application form

application form Application form

application form application form; Application form

application of a theory Application of a theory

application of funds Use of funds

application of new techniques Application of new techniques

application of proceeds Use of the proceeds

application study application study

applied amethematics applied mathematics

applied art commercial graphics

applied economics applied economics

applied psychology applied psychology

applied research applied research

applied science applied science

applied sciences applied sciences

apply a method apply a method

apply a new technique apply a new technique

apply a rule apply a rule

apply for a job apply for a job

apply for sth. to apply for something

apply the ax to the ax

use appoint

appoint a date set an appointment

appoint an agent appoint a representative; to order


appointed as managing director

appointed dealer

appointed time appointment

appointment vocation

appointment appointment

appointment for life Appointment for life

appointment of a committee Appointment of a committee

appointment of an agent Appointment of a representative

appointment of auditors Appointment of the auditors

appointment to a public office Appointment to a public office

turn apportion; to be attributed

allot apportion

appraisal estimate of the value

appraisal of quality quality rating

appraised value estimated value


appreciation appreciation

appreciation in value increase in value