How is the class at IGNOU

Development of a distance learning program at the Indira Gandhi National Open University

German as a foreign and second language

Project leader: Hans-J├╝rgen Krumm

Project duration: November 2008 - May 2011

Project management Goethe-Institut New Delhi: Sabine Hartert
Coordination of the sub-project Vienna with the sub-projects in India and Germany and editorial management: Rosemarie Buhlmann
Test creation and counselor training: Heath sweetheart
Authors: Shubhada Boddapaty, Almut Brunnert, Rosemarie Buhlmann, Shatabdi Ghosh-Laskar, Sabine Hartert, Silke Hofer, Shruti Jain, Chetan Joshi, Sekhar Kalepu Laxmi, Jerome Rajan, Poonam Saxena, P. Seralathan, Annegret Schmidjell and AmitaTalwar

In March 2009, the University of Vienna signed a cooperation agreement with the Indira Ghandi National Open University (IGNOU) and the Max Mueller Bhavan (MBB), the Goethe-Institut in India, in order to offer German teacher training (Diploma Program in the Teaching of German as a Foreign Language - DTG) in a combined distance and direct study. With 2.2 million students, IGNOU is the largest distance learning university in the world and has centers in Asia, Africa and Central and South America. She will help develop and offer the course, the University of Vienna will provide technical support for the project. The curriculum and distance learning material will be developed in a project team and the pilot course will be evaluated in 2010 while the Goethe-Institut (MMB) provides regional support for prospective foreign language teachers and their language and practical training.


How does a distance learning course have to be designed that gives prospective German as a foreign language teachers the necessary linguistic, technical and practical teaching knowledge and skills for their teaching activities?
Can language skills and specialist training (initially in English) be conveyed at the same time?

Way of working

The focus of the project is a theory-led development work:

  1. Curriculum development for a combined language and specialist training
  2. Adaptation of principles and experiences of blended learning for the development and testing of distance learning and contact phases
  3. Development of study materials with special consideration of the Indian teaching / learning situation
  4. Evaluation of a pilot course in 2010.