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If you store your shoes correctly, you will benefit from them longer. (Just click to enlarge)

With the right one Care and storage you can wear your shoes for a long time. Shoe polish and Co. keep your shoes fresh and clean. If you also give yourself a few thoughts about suitable shoe storage, you can Maintain the value of your shoes for years. So, just one Shoe cabinet Buying is not enough. Shoes are special items of clothing for whose correct retention of some specialist knowledge necessary is. Find out here what options there are for that Storage of shoes gives and find the right shape for you, your shoes and your home.

A shoe rack for your everyday shoes

The classic shoe rack is in the entrance area of ​​your apartment at foot level. It is openso that the shoes ventilated and can dry after wearing. Under the shelf can be a Drip protection to catch water and dirt. The foot height is practical so that you can put your shoes on and off quickly. You also prevent street dirt from getting on the walls. As Footstool with integrated shelf you can also sit down if necessary or put your shoes in tie at a comfortable height. To avoid damaging your heels, you should have one Shoehorn Put them close at hand.

There are shoe racks made of wood, plastic or metal. If you like to be creative, you can too Prepare Euro pallet in an original way and screw it to the wall. The shoes can be conveniently tucked between their offset boards. Old fruit boxes made of wood are also suitable. If the material is still untreated, it's best to sand it down. With a good one Wood oil or a glaze you seal the surface. So it is protected from moisture and looks neat. However, metal is best cleaned and is stable. Above all, you keep the shoes that you use in a shoe rack currently wear every day. Make sure that you not too many shoes on the shelf has. One floor should be enough so that you don't have to put the shoes on top of each other and the dirt falls through from top to bottom. Your shoe rack is therefore ideally just containing Shoes that match the current season. You keep the rest somewhere else.

Clean shoes belong in the closet - or on the wall

A shoe cabinet should have openings so that the shoes can ventilate.

All shoes that you cannot wear during a season and all those that you only get out a little belong to one cool and dry place. There they should protected from light and dust so that their surfaces are not damaged. You have two options: Either you put your shoes out of sight or you love them as decoration in your apartment.

For the first option, there is a Shoe cabinet that you have in your Apartment, in the basement or in the attic place. The closet should be designed to hold your shoes in hers Original boxes absorbs well. Notice how your shoe retailer sells you the shoes: all in one matching cardboard box, lying and stuffed with paper. There is hardly a better way to store shoes. If you prefer a space-saving, fold-open shoe cabinet, this is also an option. Here you should, though Odor neutralizer put in with it, or the shoe cabinet more often ventilate. Activated charcoal filters, fabric softener tissues or lavender bags absorb odors well.

If you want to look at your shoes every day, you can flaunt in various forms. So that they are still somewhat protected, it is advisable to use them hang up and less to put up. Shoe organizer made of textiles can be easily hung on walls or doors and offer fabric bags for tucking in pairs of shoes. Some of the shoes are still visible and can be easily removed. Shoe hook are particularly suitable for boots with the appropriate length. If you don't like your treasures hanging upside down, so can you Shoe clips use and hang boots the right way round. An old (or specially built) Wall barsas you know them from physical education class. Heels shoes can be stuck between the struts particularly well. Also a Shoe carousel is a practical and decorative form of visible shoe storage.

Preparation and maintenance of your shoe warehouse

A shoe tree ensures that the material is smooth and the shoe stays in shape.

Before you store shoes for any length of time, you need to have them dry and clean well. Newsprint removes moisture from the shoe and can be left in the shoe for storage to maintain its shape. But let no damp paper in the shoe. Alternatively are also Shoe trees made of wood is a good investment if you can afford it. You clean smooth leather shoes with the appropriate one Shoe polish. Suede shoes become brushed off and only be careful with one if it is very dirty damp rag and possibly wiped off some leather soap. With stains, work from the outside in so you don't make the stain any bigger. Patent leather shoes come with a soft Polished cloth or with special foam treated. You can get rid of unsightly streaks with an eraser. Textile shoes can be cleaned easily with conventional detergents. To do this, you dissolve some washing powder in water and apply the solution to a sponge, with which you rub the surface.

About whether shoes in the Washing machine belong, there are different views. You better stay outside, but if you find it that comfortable, put your shoes in a pillowcase and use the gentle cycle. You can machine wash shoelaces without hesitation. White soles you lighten it up again with an eraser or you clean it with a mild solvent-free product. A nylon brush effectively removes dark areas. If you store your clean and dry shoes in closed cupboards, air Still there every now and then to prevent bad smells. With open storage, you have to wipe dust regularlyso that the surfaces of your shoes remain beautiful.

Shoe storage with order and system

The choice of location for your long-term shoe store should be based on one cool place fall. In addition to the heater or directly at the window, there is too much heat, which can damage leather shoes in particular. Also on the The development of odors has a negative effect on heat. Make sure your shoes not too damp because in the worst case this can lead to mold growth. Offer protection from moisture Felt bagsin which you can store your shoes. Your shoes should too well stuffed be and if possible not stand. In this way you prevent creases and ensure that small cracks and wrinkles cannot form on the sole seams. So that you can find your shoes quickly, you should all boxes or bags labeled be. The original box is usually provided with a picture of the shoe. But you can also take photos yourself or label the boxes.

There are exciting facts and information about shoes here. (Just click to enlarge)

Clear plastic boxes are another way to stow your shoes locked and still visible. Such boxes are also suitable for a space-saving warehouse under the bed. You should only choose one pair per box or shoebox, or yours Do not stack shoes on top of each otherto avoid unsightly pressure points. Before you bother to store your shoes, also look through them for models, that you no longer want to wear or that broke you. For shoes of the appropriate value, a visit to the shoemaker may be worthwhile. You should sort out all the others. This is where it pays off if you keep the original boxes and take good care of all your shoes, because that's how you can do them too sell well again and invest the money in new shoes.

Turn a shoe shoe into a passion

No matter how big your shoe collection is, with the correct storage system you will know well every couple you own. The time you invest is well spent. You will notice how your joy in shoes develops into real passion. So if you love shopping for shoes, your love shouldn't end in the shoe store. It should just start there and express itself in good care and well-considered storage at home Find.

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