What are some dark kids shows

6 bizarre cameos from notorious killers & lpar; in children's shows & rpar;

In general, you probably assume that most family-friendly accommodations will be difficult things to explain to your children, such as adult innuendos, advanced math, and notorious killers. You take it wrong, at least on the last ...


# 6. Nazi and the Chocolate Factory

was full of scenes of questionable content, as any of us can attest to who are still crying during the ferry tunnel scene. But one of the most bizarrely dark scene is one that you probably haven't even noticed. It's the part where, heartbroken, Charlie watches a report about the last Golden Ticket to be found in South America. The newscaster holds a photo of the lucky winner ...

... Anyone who pointed out a few astonished history buffs was real-life war criminal Martin Bormann, Reichsleiter of the NSDAP and personal secretary of Adolf Hitler.

What that what? These days when something like this happens it can usually be chalked up to a set designer intern who played it loosely with a google image search, but this was 1971. You had to run all the way to the ... photo library , we suppose? It is safe to assume that they knew exactly what they were doing.

According to director Mel Stuart, the photo was a joke that fell flat, presumably because it overestimated (slightly) the number of children in the audience who obscured an encyclopedic knowledge of World War II villains possessed.

Bormann was killed by the Red Army when he tried to flee to Berlin, but there was a rumor that he actually escaped and fled to Paraguay in order to get the reprimand about him gaining the ticket in South America. Stuart went on to elaborate on the failure of such an obvious knee smack: "25 years after World War II very few people knew or looked after Martin Bormann, so the scene has never been as successful as I had hoped."

Come to think of it, there's something funny about Willy Wonka almost donating his chocolate factory to an aging war criminal.

# 5. After opening a show by killing Saddam Hussein

To say the envelope shoved would be an understatement for kids on comedy. They were some seriously adult humor sneaking over the heads of their target audience long before DreamWorks hid the penises in each of their films. But the episode "Hot, Bothered and Demonized" took things to a new level. The story details the crazy gimmicks that turn out to be the Warners terrorizing the devil in hell - which is after school color lining up for a bit dark. But you already know it's going to be a rough ride through the 15 second mark:

It begins with a cartoon that clearly shows Saddam Hussein stepping out of a palace to address the Iraqi people. Immediately, a trap door opens beneath him and he is thrown into a lake of fire surrounded by demons until his death, screaming:

Remember, this was produced while Hussein was still alive and the head of a sovereign state. We're not saying they risked an international incident or anything, but aside from seeing the Bugs Bunny slaughtered Ho Chi Minh with a meat, we can't think of the last time a children's cartoon just murdered a world leader for a giggle.

# 4. Stalin's chill musical number in

Another show was used by the folks behind this music and comedy to educate kids about history. Since story is basically a quilting assholes, it was inevitable that the show would have to cover some dark content. Of course there are "inevitable sensitive topics", and then there is "Let's steer right towards this sensitive topic at full speed and see how hard we can ram the pig." She dedicated an entire episode entitled "Megalomania" and the history of the greatest scumbag. Particularly noteworthy is the number of songs and dances by Josef Stalin, in which he gleefully sings about government purges, state-sponsored murder and the construction of the Berlin Wall:

Stalin begins by admitting that the Soviet Union can do this a lonely job, but when he goes down he sits back and thinks of all the things that make him happy. Things like running a cult, assassinating Trotsky, and flushing revolutionaries.

In the bridge he describes how much it made him smile when the Germans marched on Moscow and he saw them all freeze to death. Hey, you know children love hypothermia!

In the end Stalin is left alone in the red square crooning over how he killed everyone and now there is no one left but him. It was nothing if not catchy - your kids would watch his hum about genocide all day after.

To be clear, we're not saying it's insulting that a child did show this - certainly not giving Stalinism a happy spin, and perhaps it is better not to pull punches when teaching children about the horrors of war. It's just that, maybe jaunty jingles aren't the absolute best medium for explaining the disadvantages of repressive communism-10 year olds.

# 3. Che Guevara and Fidel Castro had their own NES game

The NES game appeared in 1987, and while the US version of the game left its premise ambiguous - two unnamed rebels fighting their way through a generic island nation to defeat an evil king using only the strength of their hearts and also their weapons - -the Japanese version stated that the country was actually Cuba, and in addition that players 1 and 2 were Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, respectively. Yes, Fidel Castro.

No, not the mouse with a heart full of longing who came to the new world. This is Fievel.

No, not one with the silver head. This is Destro.

We're talking about this guy:

Yep This is your hero, Player2. Once, the defective controller always looks like the least to worry about. It should be reiterated that the game came out in 1987, which was long after it stopped being known as "revolutionary hero Fidel Castro" and started being known as "repressive dictator Fidel Castro." Still with a little rebranding, the game still carried the Nintendo seal of quality right here in America.

There's a play through on YouTube that you might want to see the most inaccurate account of Castro's rise to power on this page of Castro's autobiography. Go ahead, start some "Eye of the Tiger" and enjoy this video knowing that you are totally rooted for Che Guevara and Fidel Castro to devastate their enemies in the glorious name of communism.

# 2. Rocky and Bullwinkle's nemesis was a Nazi SS commander

was a 1960s cartoon about a squirrel and his feeble-minded elk Pal who, for some inexplicable reason, are targeted for the murder of an international Soviet spy syndicate. Look, they were all really, really high for pretty much the entire decade. We're sure it seemed like a killer metaphor for the cold war at the time.

Kids watching the show probably just thought the fearless leader (the guy on the right) was wearing an ubiquitous "bad man" uniform, but take a closer look at the style and regalia; he was a very specific twist on the bad guy : a holdover from the Third Reich.

We're not sure why communist spies were taking orders from a Nazi, but really, it's a talking moose, and he doesn't just want everyone to die all the time - we're giving realism a bit of a pass here already. Still, isn't it a little strange that the fearless leader, who spoke with a German accent, was unmistakably wearing the uniform of the SS, with a hat down to his skull and crossbones?

And in the 2000 live activity film, she pin straight up the Iron Cross on his lapel. They really, really want to make it clear that this guy is a senior member of the Nazi Party, tight, rocky hold him down while Bullwinkle stop carving a swastika in his forehead.

It's not just that fearless leader is a camp Nazi character - he can even be a Nazi. The scar on the left side of his face was the trademark of Otto Skorzeny, one of the leaders of the SS during World War II.

And yes, Skorzeny survived the war and was still alive - just hangin 'around, doin' killer stuff - was in the air. It's not unlikely that he saw the show. It is very unlikely to be rooted for mosses and squirrels.

Hey, speaking of randomly inserting your kids cartoons notorious war criminals ...

#1. Hitler. Hitler everywhere.

There is an episode in which Arnold Grandpa tells him the story of the time he met Hitler on the battlefield and gave him a wedgie:

But this isn't just Hitler's animated cameo: In an episode titled "The Savage Time," the DC heroes battle a villain named Vandale Savage and there's a scene in which Martian Manhunter is frozen over an unnamed, familiar mustached man stumbles in a cold chamber.

Earth comes under siege from a German accented villain known as "Der Dictator." While she took some flamboyant liberties with his outfit, it's not hard to guess who the short, effeminate purple guy is supposed to be.

Note: it's not prince.

It's probably just a big coincidence, but it's interesting to note that "Der Dictator" does not appear in the German, Hebrew, and French versions of the film. We wonder why that could be.

But the crown jewel of Hitler's kid-friendly cartoon has to be the episode "A Good Bomb Is Hard To Find," in which the villain Dr. Blight goes back in time to sell a nuclear bomb ... well ...

The episode makes no attempt to hide who that character, dubbed "The Fuhrer," is supposed to be, but it tries to update some of the controversy rock from his mustache to quite a few badass Hulk Hogan. It makes us wonder: what if Hitler had gone full handlebars? How would we still have won the war? Chunky ace biker who would be rocking the toothbrush now? We have to leave such questions to the dust of history.

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