How good is Cars24


Everyone can read, nobody is forced to go to work!

Employee or workerAt the time of the assessment, worked in the logistics / materials management department at CAR24 GmbH in Kassel.

What would you like to praise your employer for in dealing with the corona situation?

My wishes were met. I am satisfied within the scope of the possibilities. It can always get better. The lockdown is also causing problems for Car 24.

What does your employer not do well in dealing with the corona situation?

Suggestions are noted, but unfortunately not discussed. However, the door in Kassel is always open!

How can your employer support you in dealing with the corona situation even better?

Due to Corona, Car 24 has no influence on the respective vehicle takeovers and can therefore only support the employees who are responsible for the vehicle transfer with great difficulty. Better use should be made of standby times.

Working atmosphere

Have not had any problems in this regard so far.


There will always be people everywhere who think they have to complain. Then why not make the decision to leave?

Work-life balance

Everyone has to decide for themselves.

Career / further education

The majority of Car 24 employees transfer vehicles. You can only wonder what you read about this point in the comments. What career do these gentlemen want to pursue as vehicle transfer drivers? What training do you need to drive a car, read a map or use a GPS? Just laughable!

Salary / social benefits

Here I have significant concerns about the pay and the evaluation of the working hours. There have already been discussions with the management in this regard, unfortunately without success. I am still there and if you do not want to accept this, you can see this from the documents before signing and not sign. Anyone who complains about it has the opportunity to cancel at any time. So what !

Environmental / social awareness

The company has very little influence in this regard. If you read the comments of some "reviewers" with regard to corona and mouthguards, you can only shake your head. The state forces us to wear these mouthguards EVERYWHERE, so everyone has one or more of these nose and mouth masks. So why does Car 24 have to provide these masks. The only argument for me would be for advertising reasons!

Cohesion of colleagues

You rarely see them and when they do, only a few are communicative.

Dealing with older colleagues

I've never had any problems, on the contrary

Managerial behavior

You can talk openly about problems with superiors, unfortunately there are seldom solutions or changes.

working conditions

You can freely decide on which days you want to work. In the Corona time it is of course more difficult to distribute the orders accordingly.


Almost always positive. Who hasn't got up on the wrong leg in the morning!

equal rights

I have not been able to determine any disadvantage.

Interesting tasks

You learn people and areas, but you should be someone who likes to drive, if possible also longer distances.