Is healthy nutrition sustainable for a lifetime

This is how sustainable nutrition works

In order not to waste food, it is worth taking a look at the best-before date. What many do not know: This date is well before the throw-away date. The product can usually be enjoyed for a longer period of time afterwards. In addition, too much is often bought - and then poorly stored. The result: food spoils faster than necessary. Bad purchases can also be avoided with a stock check or with a shopping list written in advance.

If you take your bike more often to go shopping, you not only protect the environment, but also do something for your health at the same time. The nutrition expert Gahl emphasizes that healthy and sustainable nutrition is not limited to the use of food, but can also be implemented in other household areas. “An important aspect of sustainability is careful preparation. It helps to save energy when cooking and baking. The residual heat in the oven is often enough to complete a baking process, for example in the last five minutes. Or the stove top is still so hot that you can use it to end a cooking process. "

Politicians could set the course for sustainable nutrition. “It shouldn't leave the consumer alone on this issue. And you could ensure that children learn about sustainable nutrition at an early stage in daycare or primary school, or make them aware of it. A pioneering step has already been taken with the DGE quality standards for daycare and school catering. "