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Vincent Nigel-Murray

Vincent Nigel-Murray (†)




  • Nigel Vino Delectable (Ex Girlfriend And Cam)



forensic anthropologist


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Vincent was one of Brennan's assistants. Originally from the UK, Booth calls him the English Blinker. Nigel-Murray was portrayed by Ryan Cartwright.

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Vincent is English and graduated from Leeds University. He was an assistant in the lab, replacing Zack Addy. He was hired by Brennan for laboratory-only service because she believed he was useless for field use. In season 6, Nigel wins a million dollars but returns after traveling the world. He always told irrelevant facts while examining the bodies. He dies of Jacob Broadsky, who confuses him with Booth. Angela and Hodgins honor him by naming their child Vincent - Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins. Temperance especially hits his death. Jack, Angela, Lance, Booth, Camille and Temperance say goodbye to his coffin, which is sent home to his parents, while playing his favorite song. In the Jeffersonian there is a picture of him on the wall to commemorate him.

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