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Hippie movement: Everything you need to know about the youth rebellion of the hippies

Summer of Love or Woodstock - two keywords that are closely related to the hippie movement. The counter-movement was expressed primarily through music, fashion, sex, drugs, pacifism and rebellion.

The emergence of the hippie movement

The hippie movement arose in San Francisco, more precisely in the Haight Ashbury district, in the early 1960s. It quickly found an influx of millions of young adults across the United States and later imitators from all over the world.

  • At first it was not a political motivation, but rather an exit from the unpleasant social conventions.
  • The reason for the rebellion was the will to escape the capitalist pressure to perform, consumption and classic roles within the family and at the same time to achieve a new form of coexistence.
  • They wanted to break with classic hierarchies; equality, peace and freedom were the order of the day. The aim was to create a "better" alternative to the authoritarian society.
  • The young people were primarily directed against capitalism.
  • Many of the dropouts were unaware of any real social problems such as poverty, as they often came from wealthy, white families. They had the goal of leaving their social class behind and limiting themselves to only basic things like peace, love, friendship and happiness.
  • The extreme mass movement ended again relatively quickly, but there are still hippies around the world today.

Clothing and music of the hippie movement

In order to stand out from the, in their eyes, bourgeois society and to emphasize its urge for a social alternative, the hippie movement dressed differently and listened to its own music.

  • Fine clothing was often dirty, torn, and worn. It should be a sign against the rigid social structures.
  • In contrast, simple clothes made from cheap fabrics were mostly neatly tended to.
  • Both the peace sign and flowers were features of the hippies who adorned their clothes. Flowers stood for purity, peace and humane life. The peace sign was created, among other things, as a protest against the Vietnam War and has established itself as a symbol of peace.
  • Despite the winter cold, they often walked around barefoot and in summer they wore woolen coats.
  • The musical preference of the hippies was for texts in which the free spirit could unfold and which knew no straight lines. Obese bands were: The Beatles, The Who, Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa.

Lifestyle of the hippie youth rebellion

According to the motto "feel better than think", they tried to oppose society. They expressed this primarily through their behavior.

  • They shaped their lives non-violently, always happy, colorful and open-minded. In addition, freedom of movement, dance, sex and partying were celebrated.
  • They expressed themselves through colorful clothes, constant good mood and optimism.
  • In order to enjoy little things like ladybugs or sunbeams again, those involved in the hippie movement liked to smoke a lot of marijuana or took LSD.
  • The focus was on community, optimism, peace, nature and love. All of this was celebrated openly and extensively.

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