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Avengers: Infinity War -17 questions and 17 answers from the directors

Avengers: Infinity War makes the MCU fan heart beat faster and skilfully stages a large part of our popular heroes. With everything that happens in the film and all the team-ups of our fans, the viewers naturally ask themselves a few questions. Fortunately, directors Anthony and Joe Russo are on hand to answer a variety of them.
We have already dealt with some of the questions on our website, but will also list them here so that they can be found in a compact heap.

In case it isn't obvious, spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War follow.



  1. Why are the trailers different from the final film?

If you followed the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War diligently and then sat in the cinema and marveled at the end product, you will quickly realize: "Something is funny here." And you are right.
Some scenes from the trailer are missing. Like the well-known picture of the Avengers rushing towards the jungle of Wakanda together with the Hulk and some soldiers.

“That shot… was never in the movie, in the version you got to see. In fact, it was never shot for the film. It was actually only created for the trailer, ”revealed Anthony Russo in Happy Sad Confused Podcast.
The reason for this is given by his brother Joe Russo, who explains that films and trailers are different products for them: “You have to be very clever when it comes to designing a trailer. Basically, when the audience sees a trailer, they can explain what's going on in the film.

So some things were deliberately created just for the trailer, while other things were really changed.
“Balancing the universe doesn't sound like fun. But this puts a smile on my face. "Thanos explained in the first trailer. This place was originally supposed to find a place in the film - when he tricked Gamora with the reality stone.
However, the Russos decided to tweak the whole thing up to something they thought would be more in keeping with the character.


  1. How is Age of Ultron related to Infinity War?

Infinity War is the high point of the MCU so far, into which all events of the previous films flow. The post-credit scene of Age of Ultron is a "strange" event, in which Thanos grabs the Infinity Gauntlet and explains that he must collect the Infinity Stones on his own.

The film's authors gave a very honest answer at a press event when they were asked about the scene: "Not our film " claimed McFeely. “We all sat there and thought, 'What the hell is he talking about? Where was he when he did this?"Concluded Christopher Markus.

The Russos have their own explanation for this, which they made during an interview with ComicBook.com spread out.
Joe Russo suggested that the scene was in Nidavellir takes place "I think that's the connection to Eitri. I think it's clear that he forged the glove and Thanos owns that glove at this point. It has been a while since any Asgardian had contact with Eitri and his people.“That makes perfect sense: After Thor 2, Loki ruled Asgard and ordered that Asgard should no longer protect the other realms. So Thanos could take advantage of this.


  1. Why don't we see Thanos get the power stone?

Infinity War itself is filled with characters and events, which is why you sometimes resort to "explain, not show". One of these moments is the moment when we learn that Thanos has usurped the power stone. We later learn from Thor when this attack took place and that he was indeed able to snatch the stone from the Nova Corps on Xandar.
But why only mention it and not show it?
While he's at his former University of Iowa spoke, explained Joe Russothat the directors found it “too much” and that it would lure them into “a trap” that would just make the film monotonous and predictable.
The fact that Guardians of the Galaxy clearly indicated where the power stone was located made it easy for the brothers to let the whole off-screen happen.



  1. And why does Adam Warlock have nothing to do with Infinity War?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ended with the revelation that Ayesha wanted to create a new creation that she simply called "Adam". An obvious reference to Adam Warlock, who played a fairly important role in Jim Starlin's Infinity Gauntlet - which for many fans was confirmation that Adam MUST appear in Infinity War. Since then James Gunn has repeatedly affirmed that Adam will appear in Guardians 3 at the earliest, but the fans have remained persistent - until now.

And the Russos explain that too reason for this: "We have no interest in telling a story that has already been told or seeing one that has already been told. If I know all the events from the stories and what will happen, what's the point of going into the movie?


  1. Why did we see so little of the Black Order?

Even if Thanos is considered by some fans as the best villain in the Marvel Universe, not a few are a little disappointed with the Black Order.
Also at the University of Iowa, Joe Russo explained that the Black Order served its purpose and provided a few small skirmishes before moving on to the actual final boss.
Thanos is the real villain in this movie. You don't want the assistant villains to overshadow the super villain. "


  1. Why wasn't Hawkeye in the movie?

Each of the original 6 Avengers had the opportunity to crank it up in Infinity War - except for Hawkeye, who apparently no one wanted to invite for fun.
In one BuzzFeed interview however, with screenwriter Christopher Markus, he assured fans: “We like Hawkeye. We like him so much that we gave him a very good story. "
And the Russos see it the same way and say that Marvel has “planned a very special story for him, which is more lengthy than short-lived. The fans just have to be patient " they revealed to i09. And even Kevin Feige claims that Hawkeye's absence in marketing only helped the character.


  1. Why didn't the Hulk show up in Wakanda?

A big surprise from Avengers: Infinity War was the fact that Hulk is beaten up by Thanos and then refuses to "come out" again.
Even in the final fight in Wakanda, the Hulk stayed away and Banner had to act.
We have to be very careful with the character banner. Because every time he's in trouble, Hulk saves him and becomes a hero, keeping Bruce weak. We wanted to force Banner to be the hero.“Explained Joe Russo.

Most fans interpreted Hulk's refusal as fear. The Russos prefer a different interpretation.

I think people interpreted it to mean that Hulk is scared. I mean, honestly [...] He's got his ass kicked many times and he loves a good fight. I think this reflects his journey from Ragnarok. That these two characters are always in conflict with each other, with each of the two trying to gain control. I think if we asked the Hulk he would tell us that Banner only needs him to fight. I think he's had enough of saving Banner's ass.

  1. Why was the reunion between Steve and Bucky so unemotional?

Bucky Barnes is Steve Roger's closest friend and his only living connection to his past. As a result, some fans found the reunion of the two in Infinity War to be too short and quite unemotional.
Joe Russo delivers a simple one answer: It just wasn't the first meeting of the two since Shuri "fixed" the Winter Soldier.
I think Cap has been to Wakanda a couple of times and that's how we shot the scene. It wasn't the first time the two had seen each other since he was woken up again.


  1. And why was the reunion between Black Widow and Bruce Banner so sobering too?

But not only Steve and Bucky's reunion seemed a bit disappointing. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, director Joss Whedon surprised us with a romance between Bruce Banner and Black Widow. The Russos decided to ignore this rather unpopular relationship and appreciate it with a single, deep and meaningful look.
At the Happy Sad Confused Podcast Joe Russo explained that a long time has passed for both characters. "It is an unspoken truth that there is no need to reach an oral solution here.


10. Why did the Russos bring the Red Skull back?

The fact that Red Skull was the guardian of the soul stone turned out to be a surprise for many fans. At first glance it looks like pure fan service, but Joe Russo explained in an interview with Uproxxthat it was inevitable:
“Someone had to be the Guardian of the Soul Stone and someone had to explain the rules to Thanos and Gamora. Someone who has a past with the stones looks like some authority when it comes to the experience with the stones. Especially if it was a tragic experience. "

  1. What happened to Wanda's accent?

Scarlet Witch was one of the most powerful and important characters in Avengers: Infinity War. Her relationship with vision is a driving force of the film and in terms of strength, she is close behind Thor in the film.
However, some fans noticed a change in the original version: Elizabeth Olsen no longer uses her Eastern European accent for this character (this has been ignored in German.)
Also with the Happy Sad Confused Podcast Joe Russo explained that they wanted to take the accent out for a couple of reasons:
One of [the reasons] is that at the beginning of Civil War we notice Black training Widow to be a spy. Number two is that she is now on the run and one of her most obvious traits is her accent. So if you try to disguise yourself and not be caught, then you try to limit risk triggers that clearly point someone to their own identity - that includes their accent.



  1. What happened to Valkyrie, Korg and Miek?

Most of the supporting characters from Thor: Ragnarok were missing in the film and the amazed fans what actually happened to Valkyrie, Korg and Miek.
The film itself suggests a solution here: Thor explains to the Guardians that Thanos is the HALF of his people.
Joe Russo confirmed that at least Valkyrie made it out of there alive: "Before this scene, the Asgardians dispatched escape pods. Including Valkyrie
However, he said nothing about the fate of Miek and Korg.


  1. Was that the world of the soul?

A scene that puzzled many fans took place right after Thanos snapped his fingers. Suddenly Thanos finds himself in a mysterious orange realm and talks to a younger version of his "daughter" Gamora. The design of the environment convinced many fans that this was the soul world that exists within the soul stone - and the directors confirmed that. The fact that Thanos used all 6 stones at the same time took it so much that he had an out-of-body experience that led him into the soul world.
It also means that Gamora is not really dead, but that her soul was "merely" absorbed by the soul stone.


  1. How did the Russos actually decide who would live and who would die?

At the end of Infinity War, Thanos achieves his goal: he snaps his fingers and half of ALL life is simply erased.
Among the victims are half of the Avengers, including heroes like Black Panther and Spider-Man.
But how did the Russos decide who was going to die?
“All of our decisions are based on history. It's based on the road these characters have traveled - not just in this movie, but generally up to that point. Again, these films are the highlight. So all we can say about it is that it was very story-focused decisions. " explained Anthony Russo.

It's pretty certain that Thano's actions could somehow be reversed. Because after all, Spider-Man, Black Panther and Guardians of the Galaxy films are still planned for phase 4. But if you look at it differently, the Russos have killed all characters except the original Avengers (and a few others) which could make Avengers 4 a “conclusion” to the team's story.
When asked about this particular point, the brothers kept themselves in silence and answered only with "Interesting.“


  1. Why was Black Panther's death so "casual"?

Spider-Man and Groot (besides Vision) had probably the most memorable deaths in the film. But not every hero got a "worthy" ending.
In fact, quite a few fans were disappointed with the way in which the demise of Black Panther, who vanishes before the eyes of the shocked Okoye, was shaped.
While screenwriters Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus openly admitted they would do it all over again, they admitted they simply didn't expect how popular the character would be with viewers.

Remember“McFeely told BuzzFeed in an interview. "When we wrote and shot [Infinity War], there wasn't a Black Panther movie. We didn't know that it would be so good and so effective, so resonant. "


  1. Why didn't Thor kill Thanos?

In Avengers: Infinity War, Thor got another power-up in addition to his new eye: Stormbreaker, which he was looking for only to kill Thanos.
Well, we know that Thor didn't aim at the head, thus giving Thanos the opportunity to wipe out half of all life.
Why he didn't aim at the head gave reasons Joe Russo in Thor's humanity.
Thor wanted to show Thanos that he got his revenge. These are decisions that characters make that feel an incredible pain and hopefully the audience can learn to empathize with the characters as they grow with their stories.


  1. What did Groot's last words mean?

And finally something for the lacrimal gland.

"I am Groot" can mean a lot. So it was (of course) the last words of the popular tree that had to dissolve in Avengers: Infinity War. Fans on Twitter asked James Gunn, director of the Guardians of the Galaxy, what Groot would have said about Rocket in his final moments.
Gunn revealedthat Groot turned to his longtime companion Rocket with his last words and called him "Dad".
Have you not shed a tear today? Then it's about time.