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New in the Edukatico directory: the largest MOOC provider from Austria

The providers of professionally produced MOOCs (so-called. massive open online courses) from German-speaking countries can still be counted on one hand. Some platforms from Germany are already represented in our directory with iversity from Berlin, with the openHPI of the Potsdam Hasso Plattner Institute and with mooin from Lübeck. A few MOOCs have also been recorded from Switzerland.

The largest MOOC provider from Austria has recently joined with its online courses.

iMooX leading in Austria

That MOOCs Experts in Austria also see this as being able to play an important role in the digitization of teaching at universities.

The university conference there also referred to MOOCs some time ago "from the perspective of the Austrian universities [as] welcome and [as] an enrichment for teaching at universities". 

In the capital Vienna We are now working feverishly on creating a professional MOOC offer. The "MOOCs Vienna" initiative plans to produce various MOOCs over the next few months.

In the Styria However, you are already a few steps ahead: Graz University of Technology and the University of Graz have been operating here for some time the "iMooX" platform. (The Austrians think that's good and therefore emphasize: "I like it!"…)

Free online courses for everyone

For over 2 years iMooX has been a kind of small online university from Graz Various video courses are offered made available. The Austrian MOOCs deal with topics as diverse as the European Union or learning on the Internet.

The courses have so far been less focused on the actual course of study, but rather should a wider audience Enable access to e-learning. The range of courses under the direction of the Graz e-learning expert Dr. Martin Ebner is overall still clear (currently about 10 courses are available from iMooX), but will continuously expanded. From October 2016, for example, another course on programming especially for children is to be added.

A Special feature of iMooX: In contrast to the large international MOOC platforms from the USA, all of them are Courses can be used freely and are called OER (Open educational resources) provided.

Cooperation with German provider mooin

Probably also in order to reach a certain critical size a little faster, iMooX decided a few months ago in the so-called MOOChub with the mooin platform of the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences(there in the north one speaks this kindly: "Hello!"). The aim of this networking is to simplify the access to the MOOCs of the partner platform for the respective participants.

Even if this cooperation is still in the initial phase, the project is unique in the German-speaking area and thus makes a difference concrete contribution to the expansion of open educational resources. On the obvious Pent-up demand We have already mentioned the German (and similarly the Austrian) universities when offering MOOCs in a European comparison ("Are German universities being left behind?").

The MOOCs from iMooX from Austria and others Thousands of online courses from various providers in 22 subject areas can be found in the Edukatico directory.

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