Is freezer burn dangerous

Can you still eat food despite the freezer burn?

Food with freezer burn is not harmful to health, but is usually no longer edible. The consistency and taste change as a result of the freezer burn, and the food can become tough during preparation in the affected areas.

The dried out, brownish-red or white discolored areas on frozen food are caused, among other things, by excessive temperature fluctuations during transport. Leaky or loose packaging can also be the cause: If the frozen food comes into contact with air, water continues to evaporate in the affected areas - even when frozen. When you thaw the frozen food, it will no longer absorb water in the areas affected by freezer burn.

To avoid freezer burn, food should be wrapped airtight and tightly before freezing. For example, use freezer bags that can cling to meat or vegetables. Carefully blow out the air before sealing. Aluminum foil and food foil are also generally suitable. Also, always transport frozen food home from shopping in a cool bag to avoid extreme temperature fluctuations.

Alternatively, frozen food can be glazed before it is actually frozen. First it is pre-frozen for two hours on a plate without packaging. Then brush it with cold water or immerse it in it. Then it goes back to the freezer. As soon as the water has frozen and a protective layer of ice has formed, you can pack the frozen food and keep it frozen.