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Status: 07/01/2020 | 09:51 am

1 | 7 Moderator Jan Wiedemann presents his Philips "Philetta" from the 1960s.

© NDR, photo: Jan Wiedemann

2 | 7 Editor Pascal Strehler presents his "Mambino" radio - still a top sound even after 55 years!

© NDR, photo: Pascal Strehler

3 | 7 "Our old Grundig radio still sounds really nice," writes listener Christina Edinger. The radio was bequeathed to her from a neighbor of her husband around 20 years ago. "We love it," enthuses Edinger.

© NDR, photo: Christina Edinger

4 | 7 "In the morning I hear you read aloud (regularly and happily with your great selection) - but via the Internet," writes listener Margret Kühl. She presents her radio "Tivoli".

© NDR, photo: Margret Kühl

5 | 7 "With it I can even listen to the radio from North Korea," jokes listener Fronck Lehmann.


6 | 7 Even radios of the "Eigenbau" brand are included. "Only MW, Audion (similar to the Volksempfänger)", writes listener Wolfgang Pollmann.

© NDR, photo: Wolfgang Pollmann

7 | 7 "With this small kitchen radio, I can listen to the morning with a good cup of coffee 'Classic in the day'. There is also a radio in the other rooms," says listener Cornelia Rehder.

© NDR, photo: Cornelia Rehder

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