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5 useful YouTube analytics tools

YouTube is one of the largest websites in the world. In fact, it is the most visited page after Google.

With nearly two billion users spanning a wide range of demographics, YouTube has great potential. From brands to self-made YouTubers - there is space for everyone on the platform. Of course, that doesn't mean that everyone does it well.

Data and analytics are very important to an effective YouTube strategy. If you don't know what works and what doesn't, you can't improve.

In this list of YouTube Analytics tools you can get data, analyze it and act based on the insights.

Who knows? Maybe that's the step that will take you to become one of the YouTubers with the most subscribers.

YouTube Analytics

We'll start with the platform's analytics tool itself. YouTube offers a pretty in-depth analysis that allows you to measure the performance of your videos and get the demographics of those who watch those videos.

YouTube Analytics is located in the studio area of ​​your channel. With the tool you can analyze a lot of data and you have various possibilities to segment it. It doesn't take you long to get insights.

You can look at overall channel traffic over time to see how you fared in the past. This is a great way to identify peaks and seasonality that you can incorporate in your ongoing strategy.

There is also the option to watch the videos that perform best, be it based on views or duration. You can also find out where the traffic is coming from.

The audience tab also provides important insights. Sometimes we don't talk to the people we think we are. This tab provides information on the age, gender and location of the viewers.

Try it. You will be surprised at all the things you can find out.

Brandwatch Consumer Research

Our platform gives you access to a lot of YouTube data that you can analyze. Not only can you see how people are responding to your content, but also what is being said in general on YouTube.

For example, you can set up a query that tracks all mentions of your brand on YouTube, both in the title of the video, the description and in the comments. You can quickly build a dashboard to show the data and see the key topics surrounding your brand, where those mentions are and the sentiment and emotions in the conversations.

That means you can also look at:

  • Mentions over time
  • Reach of your marketing campaigns
  • New subject areas for content creation

Speaking of content, you can also create queries and rules that track comments on your own videos. This means that you can see what people are saying (you can even use categories to group different videos), how they feel about it, and what topics they are talking about.

You can summarize all of this in a tailor-made dashboard according to your needs.

It's a very powerful tool for understanding what people really think about your brand and videos. These insights will help you improve your content strategy and deliver a better video offering.


A new option in the YouTube analytics world is BuzzSumo, a popular content marketing tool, with their YouTube Analyzer. There are a number of powerful features that you can use to measure your own performance, examine specific videos, and keep an eye on competitor channels.

For ideas for your own videos, you can enter a keyword and get a list of the most popular videos related to the topic. You can sort them by views, comments and likes / dislikes. For example, in two minutes I was able to find this video about Game of Thrones, which has been viewed over 21 million times.

You can also use the same function to take a closer look at a particular YouTube channel and see which videos are the most popular (or least popular).

There are more features that you can take a look at in detail here. It's also great tool for Youtube analysis.

Social blade

Would you like to conduct a quick analysis of your channel, including historical changes in subscribers and views? You are right with Social Blade.

It's a simple tool and completely browser-based, but it's powerful and insightful. Just enter the name of your YouTube channel and you will get statistics on subscribers, views and how you are doing within your category. You also have the opportunity to compare your performance with that of your competitors to see who is ahead.

Tubular Intelligence

Tubular offers many possibilities, be it identifying trends or measuring the performance of your videos. With clients like Mattel and Activision, you're obviously doing something right.

With Tubular you can not only analyze your own channel and get the usual details about the number of subscribers, but also demographic data around the location, gender and age of your viewers. The tool also shows you other videos and accounts that your audience is watching.

You can do the same with other channels as well. Tubular also segments channels according to content and genre, such as gaming or entertainment, and you immediately receive leaderboards for various industries.

This is ideal for benchmarking and identifying influencers for possible collaboration. In addition, you can create a dashboard that shows you everything important.