When did America get great again?

After Liz Cheney was kicked out : US Republicans elect Trump candidate in leadership position

In the dispute over the direction of the US Republicans, the MP Elise Stefanik, supported by ex-President Donald Trump, won the race for a position in the parliamentary group leadership. The 36-year-old was elected by a large majority in a closed session in Washington on Friday, US media reported. Stefanik succeeds the prominent Trump critic Liz Cheney, who was voted out by the parliamentary group in the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

After the election, Stefanik promised to "fight for the people in America". She also expressly thanked Trump and described him as a "crucial part of our Republican team". The ex-president, who now lives in Florida, is the leader of the party in the eyes of voters. America suffers from an "extreme left politics" of the government of the democratic successor Joe Biden.

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As Chair of the Republican Conference in the House of Representatives, Stefanik is now the third highest MP in her group.

Trump congratulated Stefanik on her "great and overwhelming victory". "The Republicans in the House of Representatives are united and the Make America Great Again movement is strong!" He said. “Make America great again” was Trump's campaign motto in 2016 - and is still his slogan today.

Cheney, 54, had branded the ex-president's allegations about alleged election fraud last year as a "lie". She accuses Trump of running a "crusade" to undermine democracy. Cheney has announced that it will continue to fight its dominance in the party. She calls for a return to traditional conservative Republican values. (dpa, AFP)

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