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Easy Halloween Makeup: 5 Great Makeup Ideas

Not only the costume should be eerily beautiful on Halloween, but also the make-up. You don't necessarily have to be trained as a makeup artist for this: Even a simple Halloween make-up can do a lot. We'll show you three make-up ideas - of course with suitable instructions and make-up tips so that you can try them out for yourself!

“Your make-up looks creepy” is actually a sentence that we don't want to hear. Except on Halloween! Then he's a great compliment. Especially if you are not a make-up artist or happen to be on the set of "The Walking Dead". A simple Halloween make-up succeeds practically everyone, even those who are planning a last-minute Halloween costume and want to quickly put on make-up. Skull, vampire or zombie, what can it be? We have the right makeup tutorials for you.

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Easy Halloween makeup: instructions for skull, vampire and zombie

Don't be afraid if you take a look at the following makeup tutorials: They look more difficult at first glance than they actually are. In fact, you only need a few utensils and makeup products for the ideas, and only a little time to make them yourself. Convince yourself of the easy Halloween makeup instructions!

For your Halloween look, here are some great products to complement your make-up equipment:

1. Scary: Make up a skull

For a skull make-up you need:

  • A black, liquid eyeliner
  • Black and white theater make-up (preferably in pen form)

Make-up instructions:

Use the eyeliner to draw two large, round circles (not too accurate) around the eyes and the bottom of your nose. Then draw two bone-like pieces along the cheeks and two thin lines on the outside of the mouth. Then color in the outlines you have drawn. Then give the rest of your face the necessary paleness with the white stage make-up. This is where a brush can help you distribute the paint better. Make sure that the transition to the black parts of the face does not smear.

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Now draw fine, vertical lines over the lips with the eyeliner pencil. Then you draw a contour along the chin with the black stage make-up pencil and paint around your collarbone and the uppermost ribs. You then fill in these areas with white so that the bones stand out.

Take a look at the skull makeup here again, step by step:

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2. Bloody: Applying vampire make-up

For the vampire look you need:

  • Light foundation and powder (both at least one or two shades lighter than your skin color)
  • Dark contouring powder
  • Purple and red eyeshadow
  • Black eyeshadow
  • Black eyeliner
  • Glitter powder
  • False eyelashes
  • Dark, purple, or red lipstick
  • Theater blood

Make-up instructions:

First, apply the light foundation all over your face with a brush. This way you can easily cover your eyebrows if you want to draw them thinner and with a clear point later. Then, contour your temples, cheekbones, and nose with the dark powder. Use a brush to apply the red and purple eyeshadow around the eyes. With an angled brush, draw a thin line of your eyebrows with the black eyeshadow. Now draw a thick, black cat-eye eyeliner that also tapers in the corner of the eye. Then you put some glitter powder over the eyelid, preferably in red or transparent.

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Now glue on the false eyelashes; We explain how to do this in detail here. Now you make up your lips with the dark lipstick; Instructions on how to apply it correctly can be found here. Finally, you brush some theater blood on the edges of your lips so that it looks as if it is running down. Finished! Pssst: You can find out how to make vampire teeth yourself from us.

3. Deadly: Applying zombie make-up

For the zombie look you need:

Make-up instructions:

Apply the foundation, draw a nicely curved eyelid line on your upper eyelid and apply the red lipstick. Your basic make-up is ready. Now it's time to get to the zombie part: dab the latex milk around the entire mouth and cheek area and stick the tissues on. Dab it firmly and layer more cloths over it.

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If everything sticks, gently smear your lipstick onto the cloth around your mouth. Now brush foundation over the mixture of latex and cloth to give it a skin tone. Apply a thin layer of the black and purple eyeshadow to the face and under the eyes to suggest dark circles. You can also apply some of the dark eyeshadow powder along the temples. Now apply the fake scab and, if necessary, some theater blood to the cloths. You can also use some of this along the neck.

You can see again in this tutorial how you succeed in zombie make-up:

4. Funny horror: putting on clown make-up

Ever since "Es" clown Pennywise has been up to mischief on the big screen, the creepy clown make-up has been an exciting option for Halloween. And also super easy to implement!

For the creepy clown look you need:

Make-up instructions:

Prime your entire face with the bright primer. It is best to use a make-up blender for even application. Then you fix the whole thing with the powder. Paint yourself smokey eyes - calm and extra dark and dramatic. Now it's up to your lips: Grab the lip liner and contour your lips a bit outside of your natural lip shape so that your mouth looks oversized and clown-like. Then pull the corners of your mouth extra far up with the lip liner, so that the creepy, wide clown grin emerges. For the Pennywise look, the grin even goes creepily up to under the eyes in a curved line. Then you extend the lines above the eyes.

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Now paint your lips with the lipstick and trace the grin lines again cleanly. Then you brush the tip of your nose generously with the lip liner red, so that a clown nose is created. Then you can apply some lipstick to make the red more intense. Finally, you can apply a little highlighter powder to the tip of your nose to make the clown nose stand out even more. Finished!

5. Cute & creepy: doll makeup

Somehow pretty, but also damn creepy you look with this doll look.

You need:

Make-up instructions:

Prime your face as evenly as possible with the light foundation and concealer. Use the eyebrow pencil to trace your eyebrows so thick and accurately that it looks like they've actually been painted on your face. Just like a doll! Draw an eyeliner up about 0.5 cm below your eye and connect it with a cat-eye eyeliner above your eye. Paint your eyelid below the eyebrow purple, your movable eyelid in the light pink. The transition can be tough, you want to achieve an artificial looking doll look. Then paint the area under your eye between the waterline and black eyeliner with the white paint. Now you glue the fake lashes on your upper eyelids and paint individual, thick eyelashes on the black line below your eyes.

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Then paint the lips purple, not going too far outwards, so that a small, heart-shaped doll's mouth is created. Finished!

By the way, this test will tell you which Halloween disguise suits your character perfectly:

Which Halloween costume suits your character perfectly?

Skeleton, vampire or zombie as simple Halloween make-up: which one do you like best? We will definitely try one of the eerily beautiful beauty looks! Maybe then again for Carnival, for the horror factor at Mardi Gras?

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