How are burger commercials made

Burger King advertises with AI

The word “AI” (Artificial Intelligence) is currently on everyone's lips. What exactly is meant by this varies greatly from time to time. “Deep learning” is also a buzzword that is currently often used when talking about AI. This usually means that machines are trained with the help of large amounts of data to automate certain processes. Translations are a practical example of deep learning: artificial intelligence has made great strides in this area in recent years, so that automated translations are of significantly higher quality than they were 5 years ago.

The fast food chain Burger King recently decided to use AI for its marketing: Here, software was trained with data to create short advertising films completely independently and without human intervention. According to Burger King, thousands of advertising films for fast food and hamburgers served as the data basis.

In a direct comparison with advertising generated by humans, artificial advertising scores rather moderately: the advertising copy in particular still needs to be optimized. Some of the advertising slogans seem almost Dadaistic and therefore invite you to smile, for example: “The chicken crossed the road to become a sandwich”, “bed of lettuce for you to sleep on” or “The whopper lives in a bun mansion just like you. Order yourself today… Have it Uruguay ”.

On the other hand, the selection of the images that will be used for the films is already working very well. It is therefore likely only a matter of time before at least short, simple films are made entirely by machine. You can watch the remaining two films here:

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