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Neil Armstrong instead of Kaiser Wilhelm and Saturn swims in the Weser

Minden (fhb). For the first time, the technology department organized a summer school on the Minden campus from July 14th to September 11th. Students from all departments of the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences were invited to carry out exciting projects. "We carried out 12 workshops with 83 participants," reported the organizer Professor Dr. Kerstin Müller from the Technology Department in the closing event on Thursday, September 11th. The students mainly came from the computer science and electrical engineering courses in Minden, but Bielefeld design and business informatics students also took part in the summer school. The longest workshop produced a film about the Minden school observatory. The students learned to create a real film and to link it with computer-generated scenes.

The observatory is being renovated in a cooperation between the three Minden high schools and the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences. The dome has already been equipped with modern electrical engineering. But school classes cannot look at the stars there - the building must first be refurbished for fire protection. "We need donations for this, and the film should help us raise funds," said Professor Dr. Oliver Wetter, head of the electrical engineering course in Minden and assessor of the “Schulsternwarte Minden” association. Workshop leader Thilo Aschmutat aroused the audience's curiosity with individual excerpts from the film: “Two weeks as a workshop were a little too short to complete the entire film. Because the students didn't just have to film, they first had to get to know the programs with which they then process the raw material. ”And before that, a script had to be worked out:“ We wanted to put astronomy in the Minden context. That is why it is not Kaiser Wilhelm but Neil Armstrong on our Porta Westfalica - and Saturn swims in the Weser, ”reported Thilo Aschmutat. "In theory, Saturn could actually swim with its low density - if it were a little smaller."

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Among other things, it was possible to hack, solder, secure the cloud or learn about electrical engineering. "Here the students learned that small voltages are still very funny, whereas larger currents are not so much," summarized Johannes Weicht, employee in the technology department, who led the workshop with his colleague Michael Meese. On the other hand, Professor Dr. Christoph Thiel with his course on spying on cell phones with GSM technology, which is used for telephony, SMS or data traffic. This required the procurement of radio technology components: "In the current debate about Mr. Snowden, however, it is apparently more difficult to get this through customs than a little bit of plutonium," joked Christoph Thiel. Instead, the course dealt with the possible monitoring of smartphones by so-called spyware, which is hidden in apps.

Professor Dr. In conclusion, Oliver Wetter explained how important this summer school is for the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences and the Minden location: “It's great that the students here have time to think outside the box. In the summer school you can get involved and be creative. That makes the students stronger, also when starting their careers. "