How does whiskey affect blood pressure

Can high blood pressure be triggered by alcohol?

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Drinking in moderation is even recommended for people with high blood pressure. Alcohol dilates the blood vessels and thereby lowers the pressure.

Above a certain amount, however, this alcoholic effect on high blood pressure turns very quickly.

Then the alcohol increases blood pressure. The heartbeat increases when you are drunk.

You can quickly see this effect on a red complexion caused by the increased blood pressure.

In general, alcohol is not alcohol either; every drink has a different alcohol content. Beer and wine have less alcohol (5 to approx. 8%) than vodka or whiskey (usually 40%). So a liter of beer with a 5% alcohol content then contains 50 grams of alcohol. One liter of vodka with a 40% alcohol content comes to 400 grams of alcohol.

We are often asked: I suffer from high blood pressure, can I still drink alcohol?

First of all, it has to be clarified in general which form of high blood pressure the patient is suffering from. The World Health Organization WHO limit of 140: 90 mmHg applies here, below which one speaks of optimal, normal or extremely normal blood pressure. Here alcohol can still be consumed relatively safely (in bulk).

It is only above this limit that one speaks of high blood pressure, and above these values ​​special attention must be paid to alcohol.

Above the WHO limit value, the disease is divided into three different grades, which also bring different alcohol limit values ​​with them:

Grade 1 hypertension 140-159: 90-99 mmHg

Grade 2 160-179: 100-109 mmHg

Degree 3> 180:> 110 mmHg

In the first stage of hypertension, those affected can still consume a glass of beer or wine every 4 to 5 hours, in the second stage then every 6 to 7 hours.

From the 3rd degree of high blood pressure, alcohol should be completely avoided.

In any case, always ask your doctor about the right amount of alcohol that you can consume if you have high blood pressure.

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