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Android and iOS: The best photo apps

Turn color photos into atmospheric black and white pictures? Every second photo app can do that. Just quickly put a corresponding filter on the picture - done. But numerous apps offer much more intensive options for editing images. But which photo app offers which functions? COMPUTER BILD helps you: The editorial team has tested eight photo apps. All programs for your smartphone are - at least partially - free of charge. You can find details in the photo gallery "The best photo apps put to the test".

The best photo apps

All eight applications in the test are basically free or at least offer a free test phase. For ad-free or additional features, you need some in-app purchases or subscriptions. The prices for in-app purchases start at 1.09 euros, subscriptions are more expensive. With Prisma you pay 29.99 euros per year after the three-day free phase. But don't worry: even in the free versions, the apps mostly serve their purpose well.

The best photo apps tested

Photo apps put to the test

The first application in the COMPUTER BILD test is Hypocam. The application is intensely dedicated to black and white photography and produces amazing results.

With Prisma, on the other hand, you can make your photos appear like paintings on canvases. In addition, the application offers countless high-quality filters. After the short test phase, the app costs around 30 euros a year.

If you want to optimize images quickly, you should take a closer look at A Color Story. You select a photo, put a filter on it - done.

Snapseed offers a few more photo tools. The app is a real all-rounder and doesn't cost a single cent.

Enlight Pixaloop is even more fascinating. The application comes with spectacular animation effects that conjure up living images from photos.

For those who want to spend a little more time editing photos, Adobe provides a number of good tools. Lightroom offers a good start, but you need an Adobe account for this.

Those who like to snap their meals are well served with Foodie. The app offers numerous filters that are specially optimized for photographing food.

With KeepSafe you cannot edit your pictures, but the app is a useful photo tool. It hides your photos on the smartphone, they are only visible after entering a password.

Free: The Best Photo Editing Programs

Conclusion: the best app for your purpose?

Of the eight photo apps tested, none really disappoints. It depends on the desired effects. The free versions also offer numerous great filters with which spectacular effects can be achieved. So it's worth trying out some of the apps.

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