League of Legends Who is Ao Shin

The death of the dragon Ao Shin

It's arguably the most anticipated project from Riot Games. Since the first announcement in 2013 in the Riot forum, the community has been eagerly awaiting the first pure dragon champion. But now Ao Shin seems to have been finally buried. The snake-shaped dragon figure of Ao Shin has been mentioned again and again in the community since it was first mentioned in 2013 when a new champion was announced. “Where's Ao Shin?” Is one of the most frequently asked questions on League of Legends forums. At the latest with the publication of the second ultimate skin "Spirit Guardian Udyr”Said the whole fan base of the dragon that got in the way of the spirit wanderer in the last chapter of the comic. But now the dragon is dead.

In the official Riot forum, Iniquitee described the difficulties in creating the champion. After three years of inadequate coverage of the dragon, it had to be admitted that Ao Shin will not exist as it was announced. Instead, another dragon will rise who doesn't want to wait three years. Aurelion Sol - that is the likely name - should appear in the first half of this year. However, one cleverly keeps oneself much more cautious with further information than with Ao Shin.

At first it was not possible to give the dragon a collection of abilities that clearly stand out from other champions. Every champion should feel unique and at the same time have skills that match their character and appearance. Ao Shin had a lot of ideas, but they didn't fit in the overall picture.

In addition, the in-game model already turned out to be difficult. Due to its serpentine shape, the dragon should look long and powerful, which was even technically feasible. However, it was not possible to agree on any skills, which is why the additional movements of the skills were not designed. They didn't want to invest unnecessary resources in ideas that would later be discarded.

In the end, the time of the first announcement was far too early, because at that time there was still no real idea how to use it in general. When Ao Shin was announced in 2013, Riot changed their work processes because they wanted to release new champions at longer intervals. It was not yet known why the dragon appeared in Runeterra and what its goals are.

Conspiracy theorists are already bustling around in forums claiming that this announcement is in preparation for the biggest April Fool's joke that Riot has ever made. Is Aurelion Sol Ao Shin in disguise?

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