How do I cover gray hair

Cover up gray hair naturally

If you've already noticed gray hair, read on to learn how to cover it up without using chemical tints.

Last update: June 06, 2020

Grey hair usually appears from the age of 40. Many are not exactly enthusiastic about them, as they are the visible sign of the passage of time.

If you already have agrey hair noticed, read on to learn how to cover these up without chemical tints.

Why does gray hair appear?

Usually gray hair is a clear sign of aging, but sometimes it occurs before the age of 35. They stand out more on dark hair, which is why many try to cover them up.

Gray hair is inevitable, but it can Appearance can be delayed using natural home remedies. Another option is to use natural tints.

Gray hair is also genetic, with maternal genes playing an important role. Melanin gives hair its color, if it is missing it turns gray.

Stress or an unhealthy lifestyle can also make it appear faster. Excessive consumption of refined sugar or flours also appears to be a factor that can accelerate the appearance of gray hair - but this needs further investigation.

In women, the first gray hairs usually come earlier, even if this is not so obvious, as there are various means to cover it up.

Hair care

With these home recipes you can not only delay the loss of color in your hair, they also provide moisture and strength. With early gray hair, the genetic factor is responsible, although iodine or copper deficiencies can also be responsible.

It is therefore advisable to consume more nuts, whole grains, legumes, avocado and peas and to reduce alcohol and cigarette consumption. Also try the following recipes:


This plant has many properties and uses. Sage is good for brown hair. Prepare a sage black tea (1 handful of sage and a handful of black tea per 1/2 liter of water), let it cool and use it as a rinse after washing your hair.


Rosemary can be used to “hide” the gray hair on dark hair. Make a tea with 4 tablespoons of rosemary per 1/2 liter of water. Hair roots and scalp are strengthened. Then use a spray to spread it. If this tonic is used daily, the hair will gradually darken.

Chamomile and turmeric

This recipe works for light brown to blonde hair. With a chamomile tea, the hair will shine golden yellow again. Make a tea with 4 tablespoons of chamomile per 1/2 liter of water and then use this as a conditioner after shampooing.

For a honey-colored tone, simply mix 2 tablespoons of turmeric powder with the chamomile tea.

Avocado, argan oil, or coconut oil

These 3 allies are indispensable for hair care as a moisturizer and against gray hair. Mix all 3 ingredients together to make a hair conditioner. Apply the mask to your hair, then cover your head with a warm towel.

After about 20 minutes of action, rinse your hair thoroughly with fresh water.

Magnolia tea

Magnolia tea can also help cover up gray hair. Simply brew a spoonful of magnolia tea with a cup of water. The brew is filtered and Applied cold after shampooing.

The gray hair becomes slightly darker and the hair color takes on a more even tone.

Home recipes for covering up gray hair

You can also try the following recipes to cover up gray hair. The ingredients are readily available or even already in your pantry.

Nut, walnut, egg and rosemary

You will need 2 walnut leaves, 5 ground walnuts, 1 egg shell and a handful of rosemary. Mix everything together until a paste is formed.

Apply this treatment to your hair and leave it on for 1 hour. Do this once a week, after which you should rinse the hair thoroughly.

Sage and rosemary

Scald 3 spoons of sage and 3 spoons of rosemary with a cup of hot water. The tea nafter ten minutes sevenand use as a conditioner after washing your hair.

Henna with lemon juice

Mix 3 tablespoons of henna with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice until a smooth paste is formed. Apply this mask to your hair and put a plastic hood over it.

After at least 3 hours of action, you can rinse your hair thoroughly. Natural henna gives hair a reddish sheen, but there are other shades as well.

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