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India: Violence against Dalits is increasing
Pregnant Dalit is beaten to death

23.11.2017 – 14:20

Samaritan's Purse e. V.

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Violence against Dalits in India continues to grow. In recent times there has been an increasing number of cases in which members of the so-called "untouchables" died in violent attacks. This is reported by the Christian work Gifts of Hope, which campaigns for the rights of these people as part of the "Dalit Freedom Network". A particularly gruesome incident recently occurred in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. While collecting rubbish, a pregnant woman accidentally bumped into a parked bucket that belonged to a woman from a higher caste. The woman was so angry about this "pollution" that she and her son attacked the garbage collector violently. Both the mother-to-be and her eight-month-old unborn child later succumbed to the injuries. "What may sound unimaginable to us is unfortunately cruel everyday life in India: Dalits are still second-class people in many places," says Bernd Gülker, Managing Director of Gifts of Hope. The Christians among them are hit particularly hard: They are subject to a double stigma. According to the Catholic news portal "Global Sister Network", there have been 600 attacks against Christians this year alone.

Death threats against champions of the Dalit movement

In India, Gifts of Hope works with the Good Shepherd Church of India and Associated Ministries community movement. It now runs 107 English-language schools on a Christian basis. One of the co-initiators of the "Good Shepherd" schools, Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd, has been exposed to calls for murder for some time. In a speech, a member of parliament called for the pioneer of the Dalit movement to be hanged in public. Ilaiah is seen as a champion for the rights of the Dalits. The calls for murder are related to his most recent book, in which he describes India's affluent trading caste as "social smugglers" because they would exclude lower castes and Dalits from the economic system.

Human rights also apply to Dalits

"In the Christian schools of the 'Good Shepherd Movement', which we support, the children learn that they are just as valuable in the eyes of God as everyone else," explains Gülker. "We are very concerned about the current situation." Western governments, but also companies operating in India, should live up to their responsibilities and campaign for human rights in the country. "They also apply to the Dalits. According to the Indian constitution, discrimination based on caste membership is prohibited, all Indians are equal!" However, Hindu nationalists are campaigning to make the country free of Muslims and Christians by 2021, Gülker said.

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