Can gorillas survive in the Amazon rainforest?

Animals: Endangered species in the Amazon

The Amazon rainforest is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. But even here, many animal species are threatened with extinction. We'll show you which animals may soon no longer exist

The Amazon rainforest in Brazil is the largest contiguous rainforest in the world. A paradise for animals and plants. In hardly any other region on earth is there such a great diversity of species. But over 100 animal species also die out every day. Here are some examples of rare animals in the Amazon that are threatened with extinction.

The pink Amazon dolphin

Dolphins out of the sea? Yes, they do exist: the freshwater dolphins. In the middle of the great Amazon, the dolphins, also known as "boto", swim solitary through the wide river system. The Amazon dolphin is often caught in fishing nets or is hunted by fishermen. Due to the spread of humans, the number of animals has decreased significantly.

Although it is considered the least threatened of all three known river dolphin species, the 2 to 3 meter long and up to 160 kilogram heavy dolphin is officially on the list of threatened animal species.

Northern spider monkey

The long-legged spider monkey belongs to the spider monkey family. His favorite pastime is undoubtedly dangling in the treetops. The spider monkeys live in small groups in the humid rainforests of the Amazon and are considered to be the largest of the "New World monkeys". The yellow-gray monkey is one of the 100 most endangered animal species.

Red-throated brilliant hummingbird

Mainly found in the Andean regions of Ecuador, one of the smallest birds in the world is also on the red list of endangered species. The red-throated brilliant hummingbird belongs to the subgenus "Helidoxa" and, like all hummingbird species, is characterized by its colorful fletching.

Golden poison dart frog

The small, colorful frogs may look beautiful, but they are highly poisonous. However, they lose their poison in captivity. Also known as the poison dart frog, it is found mainly on the Colombian coast and in the rainforest of South America. Due to its yellow color, it is also known as the "golden poison dart frog". The male poison dart frog has a sound bubble with which he can produce trilling calls. Due to the limited space in which one can find this species of frog, it is considered particularly endangered.